Collaboration Services

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Improved productivity with Exchange.

Real-time Global Address Lists (GALs) and Free/Busy synchronization for organizations with multiple Exchange instances.

Dell Software - Collaboration Services


Deliver real-time Global Address Lists (GALs) and Free/Busy synchronization for organizations with multiple Exchange instances. Maintain secure boundaries between Exchange Server and Active Directory forests while providing a transparent collaboration process to deliver optimal protection. Ensure that users will always have access to a unified GAL through their Microsoft Outlook client in order to improve productivity.

Benefit from these key features with Collaboration Services:

Transparent to users
Reduce help desk workload and email traffic by displaying free/busy information and calendars between Exchange organizations

Avoid changes to the Active Directory or Exchange; with Collaboration Services, no configuration is required

Maintain administrative control
Maintain total control over your Exchange environment by deciding which objects and attributes to publish and which collaboration partners will be allowed to subscribe to your collections

Preserve security
Sustain your security objectives using compressed, encrypted messages over SMTP

Reduce workload

Maintain productivity company-wide by removing the need to send multiple emails to find available meeting times

Flexible data format
Select your preferred format and then reformat all of your subscribed-to collections automatically

Token self-registration

Let users request and/or receive hard or soft tokens based upon pre-defined administrator policy, then quickly and easily assign those tokens to their accounts through a unique, secure mechanism. Remove administrative burden and costs associated with conventional manual token assignment

Web-based administration
Provide administrators and end users with options for token management, token deployment, real-time log viewing, help desk troubleshooting and access to reports using the web-based Defender Management Portal

Token flexibility

Make use of the full battery life of hardware tokens — typically five to seven years — rather than having a vendor-defined term. Replace tokens as they expire, in a business-as-usual process, instead of to all users at one time, to avoid incurring the costs associated with such a project. Benefit from software tokens that never expire

Help desk troubleshooter
Enable administrators to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve problems quickly from any Web browser. Benefit from easy, one-click resolution steps that show authentication attempts and routes, with associated results and possible reasons for failures. Enable viewing of user account details and assigned tokens, plus the ability to test, reset the pin, provide a temporary token response, or reset or unlock the account

Universal soft token license

Benefit from a wide range of software tokens for the most popular and widely deployed mobile platforms. Offer a universal software token license so the administrator can easily reissue the appropriate device license when a user decides to switch mobile platforms.

ZeroIMPACT migration
Run Defender in tandem with legacy systems. Direct all user authentication requests to Defender; if the user is not yet defined within Defender, the authentication request is passed via the proxy feature to the incumbent authentication solution so administrators can migrate users to Defender as their legacy tokens expire, with virtually no overhead from an administrator or end-user perspective.

Secure webmail access
Enable secure, web-based access to your corporate email system from any web browser anytime, anywhere, with Dell Webthority, a reverse proxy solution included with Defender. Require Defender token use for access to ensure appropriate authentication, regardless of access point

Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)
Specify that services and users defined on your Unix/Linux systems are authenticated by Defender with its Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)

Secure communications by associating a management Data Encryption Standard (DES) with Defender Security Server. Support AES, DES or Triple DES encryption
  • Exchange Server

    Collaboration Services is able to establish secure collaboration between forests with the following messaging systems installed:

    Microsoft® Exchange Server® 2003 SP2 or later
    Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1 or later
    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1

    Collaboration Services Server

    One instance of Collaboration Services should be installed in each forest participating in the synchronization. For performance reasons it is recommended to install Collaboration Services on a dedicated server.

    Intel x86-based computer. Pentium III or higher. Multi-processor configurations are recommended for the HQ forest server in large deployments.

    A minimum of 256 MB RAM is required; 1 GB is recommended.
    Note: In order to use the free/busy synchronization option with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Service Pack 1 must be installed along with a configured public folder store.

    Hard disk space
    A minimum of 5 GB of free disk space is required. Additional disk space requirements are as follows:
    1MB per every 1K of synchronized Active Directory objects
    1MB per every 1K of synchronized free/busy objects or Calendar objects

    Operating system
    One of the following:

    Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 SP2 or later
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

    Language supported
    US English

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