Foglight for DB2 LUW

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Monitor, diagnose and optimize your databases.

Maximize your DB2 resources and take action immediately with Foglight for DB2.

Software Foglight for DB2 LUW


Accelerate problem resolution with this powerful DB2 monitoring tool. It provides constant remote database monitoring, and correlates performance data across your technology stack. It guides you through response time and wait event analyses, so you instantly understand existing and developing database performance conditions. Plus, our IntelliProfile™ technology ensures a thriving post-change database environment to help eliminate deployment risks. Maximize your DB2 resources and take action immediately with Foglight for DB2.

Global view
Resolve performance issues across DB2 and other platforms by determining your most critical problems and taking immediate action.

Built-in intelligence
Get integrated management and performance views that allow you to understand the health and activity of your DB2 enterprise. Also receive pop-up advice with correlated workflows.

Adaptive baselines
Receive alerts about deviations from normal activity, as well as track performance using automatic detection and calculation of normal ranges for all metrics.

Automatic instance discovery
Use automatic instance discovery or specific hosts to deploy Foglight capabilities rapidly and painlessly. Manually add instances, as needed.

Rich historical data
Resolve performance issues by navigating through performance diagnostics and alarm data from any drill-down screen.

Enterprise configuration management
Customize your individual connections, and centralize administration and configuration.

Alarm workflow
Search for past solutions, set up blackouts, and manage and annotate your alarms.

Easy integration
Integrate your other end-to-end enterprise monitors seamlessly.

Wait-state analysis
Determine the location and cause of waits by diagnosing your wait statistics.

Wizard-driven installation
Add database monitoring to your existing infrastructure, or configure Foglight as a standalone solution with this powerful wizard.

Drag-and-drop reporting
Use the data collected by Foglight to develop customized views and reports.
  • Operating Systems
    ESE version 8.1.5 or later = 1
    ESE version 9.1 or later = 2
    ESE version 9.5 = 3
    ESE version 9.7 = 4

    IBM® AIX® 5.2, 5.3 (32-bit): 1-4
    IBM AIX 5.2, 5.3 (64-bit): 1-4
    IBM AIX 6.1 (64-bit): 2-4
    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 4.0 (Linux 2.6, 32-bit): 1-3
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 & 5.0 (Linux 2.6, 64-bit x86 and AMD64): 1-4
    Sun® Solaris™ 8, 9, 10 (SPARC only, 32-bit): 1 and 4
    Sun Solaris 9, 10 (SPARC only, 64-bit): 1-4
    Novell® SuSE 9 and 10 SLES on Linux 2.6 (32 and 64-bit, x86 and AMD x64): 1-3
    Microsoft Windows® 2003 (x86, 32-bit): 1-4
    Microsoft Windows 2003 (x86_64, 64-bit, see CR-0234166): 1-4
    Microsoft Windows 2003 (x86_64, 64-bit, Itanium, see note below): 1-2

    Dell support for the HP-UX 11i (11.11) PA-RISC (32-bit and 64-bit) platform has been deprecated from this release.
    IBM is deprecating support for DB2 running on the HP-UX 11i (11.11) PA-RISC (32-bit and 64-bit) platform.
    Dell support for DB2 versions below 8.2 has been deprecated from this release.
    The Microsoft Windows 2003 (x86_64, 64-bit, Itanium) platform is supported on ESE 8.2 and 9.1. The Itanium platform is certified for ESE 9.1.
    For information about system requirements for this release, see the Foglight 5.5.5 System Requirements and Platform Support Guide.

    Language Supported
    US English

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