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Simplified Group Policy management and administration.

Automate critical Group Policy management tasks and eliminate manual processes.



Simplified Group Policy management and administration

Securing your domain controllers, servers and desktops is crucial to keeping Group Policy in check, but it’s not always an easy task if you don’t have the right tools in place. With GPOADmin, you can automate critical Group Policy management tasks, reducing your costs and eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

GPOADmin enables you toto quickly and effectively administer changes to Group Policy objects (GPOs) to:
Support change management best practices
Enable effective approval processes
Secure your critical data

You’ll also be able to easily verify and compare GPO versions over time to confirm the consistency of various GPO settings.


Version comparisons
Improve GPO auditing and verify setting consistency quickly and easily with advanced, side-by-side GPO version comparisons at various intervals.

Approval-based workflow
Ensure changes adhere to change management best practices prior to deployment.

Delete version history
Delete the history of multiple versions to help you manage and reduce the size of your backup store.

Workflow commenting
Track requests, reviews and approvals with comments and e-mail notifications at any stage in the process. Requests to modify GPOs can also be approved or rejected by email without opening the GPOADmin console.

Custom email templates
Enable customization of e-mail notifications with specific text and/or attachments by role (e.g., help desk).

Intuitive scheduling
Immediately implement or schedule approved changes to simplify the process.

Enhanced Group Policy comparison
Verify setting consistency with side-by-side GPO version comparisons.

Group Policy lineage
Test pre-production GPO clones before rolling them out to ensure their impact on the live environment.

Hidden pre-production GPO
Limit pre-production GPO access to you and other selected administrators.

Protected settings policies
Define a list of GPO settings with predetermined values that must exist and cannot be modified.

Object management
Assign responsibility for specific policies, either at the object- or GPOADmin container-level, to specific users, enabling administrators to identify who is responsible for managing specific policies.

GPO check-in and check-out, locking
Easily prevent simultaneous editing conflicts or unwanted and unauthorized changes to production GPOs.

Pre- and post- actions
Enable users to execute custom actions before or after a GPOADmin change to facilitate integration with internal processes and systems.

Mobile integration
Quickly rerun deployments from your mobile device with Dell Software Mobile IT in the event of failed deployments.
  • Hardware requirements

    2Ghz CPU Memory

    4Gb RAM

    Hard disk space
    1 Gb (prefer 50Gb if backups and reports stored on the same drive)

    Operating systems
    Windows® Vista
    Windows® 7
    Windows® 8
    Windows® 8.1
    Windows® Server 2003
    Windows® Server 2003 R2
    Windows® Server 2008
    Windows® Server 2008 R2
    Windows® Server 2012
    Windows® Server 2012 R2

    GPOADmin requirements

    .NET Framework 4.0
    GPMC Extension compatible for the system where you are installing GPOADmin.
    Microsoft® Group Policy Management Console with Service Pack 1 or Remote Server Administration Tools

    Configuration store requirements

    Active Directory® or ADAM/AD LDS

    Backup store requirements

    Network Share (recommended)
    Active Directory® (not recommended)
    SQL Server

    Watcher service

    Same system requirements as GPOADmin.

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