Migration Manager for Active Directory

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Efficient Active Directory migration and restructuring.

Ensure that migrated and non-migrated users retain secure access to critical server resources when data is moved.



Ensure true coexistence between migrated and non-migrated users while merging or restructuring Active Directory®. Migration Manager for Active Directory empowers you to efficiently migrate and restructure Active Directory, and ensures that migrated and non-migrated users retain secure access to critical server resources when data is moved. Simplify the migration process and integrate workflows for pre-migration analysis, setup, object migration, resource updating and post-migration cleanup. Ensure a successful migration, whether your organization is restructuring to meet specific security regulations or undergoing an acquisition or merger.

Benefit from these key features with Migration Manager for Active Directory:

ZeroIMPACT migration
Restructure your Active Directory® and file servers during business hours, reducing the administrator’s workload with no adverse effect on user productivity.

Coexistence throughout the AD migration
Maintain seamless user access to all network resources, such as servers and printers, regardless of their migration status.

Seamless and secure access to server data
Seamlessly migrate files, folders, shares, printers and NTFS security quickly and easily to file servers or NAS/SAN devices so your domain stays secure and manageable after an Active Directory restructuring.

Secure execution
Increase the security and reliability of your project by taking advantage of a “test mode” to verify the accuracy and security of your migration plan.

Optimize your post-migration environment, preserving passwords and removing source accounts and related references.

Flexible, comprehensive management
Take advantage of a robust set of management features, from pre-migration planning and analysis to updating permissions.

Control any migration scenario, from Active Directory “pruning and grafting” to a complete restructuring of your entire domain.

Automated, parallel processing
Automate migration and enable parallel processing to save valuable time and ensure that your network has zero downtime.

Automated updates
Save time and reduce risk by automatically updating permissions and resources, including Active Directory, SharePoint®, Exchange, Internet Information Services (IIS), file and print servers, SQL Server®, cluster servers and the System Management Server (SMS) from Microsoft®.

Update NTFS security, shares and more.

Flexible synchronization
Synchronize Active Directory objects between source and target in the manner and timing that best suits your organization.

Comprehensive management tools
Manage your migration with confidence with a robust project management interface, advanced delegation capabilities, numerous reporting options and granular “undo” functionality.

Mirrored test environment
Easily mirror a production Active Directory and file server environment to ensure that your testing processes are effective and safe and do not affect your production environment.
  • Migration Manager Console

    Intel x86, AMD 64 or Intel EM64T

    1GB or more

    Hard Disk Storage
    300MB minimum

    Operating Systems
    Microsoft® Windows® Server 2000
    Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 (x86 and x64 editions with Service Packs)
    Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 (x86 and x64 editions with Service Packs)
    Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 R2 (x64 edition with Service Packs)
    Microsoft® Windows® 7 Service Pack (x86 and x64 editions with Service Packs)
    Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 (x64 edition) – migration destination only
    Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack

    Version 6.5.8190.0 or later of Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1

    Language Supported


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