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Oracle database replication and real-time data integration

Achieve availability, scalability and data integration with high-speed replication from Oracle® to Oracle and Oracle to other databases — such as SQL Server®, Hadoop® and SAP® Adaptive Server Enterprise® (ASE).

Software SharePlex


It's time for ZeroIMPACT, half-cost database replication with better support

As the golden alternative for database replication, SharePlex includes all the functionality you need to maintain uptime of your critical databases – at half the cost of Oracle® GoldenGate®. You can easily ensure high availability, migrate data with zero organizational risk and integrate data in near real-time for reporting and insights. As the largest independent database replication solution on the market, SharePlex delivers industrial strength replication you can count on, backed by unrivaled, award-winning support.

SharePlex supports Oracle database replication for the following platforms:
SQL Server

Lowest total cost of ownership

Lets you avoid legacy vendors that demand costly upgrades to new versions of software as well as expensive add-ons and management packs. With SharePlex, you get a full-featured, all-inclusive database replication solution – at half the total cost of ownership of Oracle.

Award-winning, 24x7x365 support
Minimizes business risk by providing unrivaled, highly rated support that’s earned multiple industry awards.

Downtime prevention
Helps ensure up to 99 percent availability during Oracle migrations & upgrades, eliminating stress and risk while giving you more time to focus on other priorities.

Near real-time data integration and replication
Replicates databases in near real time for scalability and high availability, to and from on-premises and cloud databases.

Analytics support
Offloads data in near real-time for BI and analytics systems; enables access to data without impacting application performance. Replicates data from Oracle to ten other platforms, including SAP®, SAP HANA, Oracle®, SQL Server®, EDB Postgres Advanced Server, Teradata, Kafka, JMS, and flat files.

Proven ease of use
Up and running in 15 minutes, means we simplified complex configuration and streamlined the time it takes to start replicating. In over 360 industries, SharePlex has helped every industry get peace of mind.
  • System Requirements

    Windows and UNIX/Linux

    SharePlex processes are all 64-bit and can exceed 4 GB.

    Additional software
    (Oracle) SQL*Plus
    (JMS target) Either ActiveMQ or OpenMQ

    Additional Requirements
    Recommend hard limit system file descriptors setting of a minimum of 1024 or higher, as system permits.

    Source environments

    Target environments
    Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP ASE, SAP HANA, EDB Postgres Advanced Server, Teradata, Kafka, Java Message Service (JMS), SQL and XML Files

    Note: See the platform specific Pre-installation Checklist in the Installation and Demonstration Guide for additional system and/or database requirements.
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