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Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve Windows-related issues.

Quickly identify and resolve performance problems in the Windows environment – even before they impact users.



Quickly identify and resolve performance problems in the Windows environment – even before they impact users. Receive a unique, graphical view of the Windows operating system, plus a real-time flow of data.

Please Note: This is unsupported freeware, and the license key expires 365 days after installation. Please revisit this site to renew your key; you may do so before your current key expires.
Speed time to resolution
Detect the source of problems as they develop by seeing the actual Windows operating system activity, I/O and kernel. Spotlight interprets the raw data, draws conclusions and recommends solutions to significantly reduce time to resolution.

Minimize downtime
Get visual and audible alerts about impending problems so you can take action before end users are impacted. Spotlight automatically sets a baseline of normal activity, and sets thresholds for each system. View the most active user sessions, SQL statements, locks, waits and database activity to pinpoint and alleviate problem areas as they occur.

Reduce costs and increase productivity
Reduce the time spent on problem resolution. Spotlight displays all critical components of the Windows OS on a single screen, so you don’t have to open and view multiple windows. From this screen, you can easily drill down to get detailed information on any component.
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