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Desktop and application virtualization, optimized

Dell's simple, flexible and high performance desktop virtualization software.

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Simple to use and maintain

Simple to use and maintain

TRY IT in Azure! Deploy a fully configured vWorkspace virtual machine and have a fully functioning Azure-based virtual desktop environment up and running in minutes!

Simplified, easy login and use: Users need only an email address to connect for the first time and can do so from any device OS, including Chrome OS and HTML5-capable web browsers. Users can even drag-and-drop files from a local PC into remote applications.

Centrally managed: Schedule automatic usage reports, monitor connections and resolve issues quickly using built-in monitoring and diagnostics, provided by award winning Foglight performance management engine.

Flexible and scalable

Flexible and scalable

Designed for organizations of all sizes: Whether you are a small business, part of a very large enterprise, a school or a hospital, or a service provider requiring multi-tenant capable solutions, vWorkspace can scale to meet your exact needs.

Wide-ranging compatibility: provide access to modern or legacy Windows applications, as well as Windows or Linux desktops.

Policy-based security: Your data stays secure using flexible and easy-to-implement policies that allow you to control user access based on "who", "how", "what" or "where" a connection is attempted.
High performance

High performance

Anytime access: You can schedule very tight maintenance windows without impacting your users: you can deploy thousands of desktops in under an hour, and even install a new version of Windows on all your desktops in just 20 minutes.

Cloud and client hosted virtualization: You can deliver remote desktop sessions (RDSH) or VDI via RemoteFX. Or you can deliver high-end applications that require local execution, supporting diskless endpoints and cloud desktops, with OS delivery and application layering (WSM). Both types of desktop virtualization are optimized on Dell endpoints and datacenter hardware.

Highly scalable: vWorkspace can provides secure remote access up to 10,000 users with a single Windows Server virtual machine (VM). Simply add more VMs to support an even higher numbers of users!

Internationalization and localization: Support for non-Roman alphabet Windows Server environments and users in China, Japan and Korea can connect in their native language.


Faster deployment, reduced cost

HyperDeploy: Provides Hyper-V customers with near-instantaneous replication of VDI and RD Session Host VM templates, enabling them to provision new VMs in less than a minute. Such VMs typically consume 40 percent less disk space than if provisioned using conventional deployment tools.

HyperCache: Eliminates boot storms, boots VMs faster and reduces storage IOPS requirements by automatically caching frequently accessed data locally in RAM.
Together, HyperDeploy and HyperCache deliver improved performance out of the box with less expensive storage.

Optimized total cost of ownership: vWorkspace also provides comprehensive features, offering you the best value. You can deploy up to 345 VDI users or host up to 500 shared sessions per Dell PowerEdge R730 server, achieving the lowest cost per seat.
If you are a smaller organization or if you’re doing your first pilot, you can deploy the Dell appliance for Wyse vWorkspace solution, which is easy to order, deploy and manage by an IT generalist.
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Flexible delivery options

vWorkspace supports a range of cloud-hosted and client-hosted application and desktop virtualization technologies. These enable the optimal delivery mechanism to be used depending on required applications, user location, client device and use case. These technologies can be cloud-hosted (RDSH, Windows or Linux VDI) on your private cloud (in your on-premise datacenter) or on a public cloud like Microsoft Azure. They can also be client-hosted (WSM) to take advantage of the processing power of the end point and minimize disruption in case of WAN failure.

The different delivery options with vWorkspace are:

Cloud-hosted desktop virtualization:

 Shared sessions and remote applicationsShared sessions and remote applications
Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH): concurrent users share common server resources in the data center with RDP-based deployment. It can be on-premise or in a public cloud like Microsoft Azure with power management functionalities for sessions to save costs.
VDI – pooled VMsVDI – pooled VMs
A temporary, non-persistent virtual desktop is dedicated to a single user while in use then returned to the pool at logoff. User settings and persona are preserved.
VDI – persistent VMsVDI – persistent VMs
Persistent 1:1 virtual desktops are assigned to specific users. Changes made by the user persist through logoff and reboot. You can also implement application layering.
 Physical desktopPhysical desktop
Connect remotely to a physical PC at work, access its data and run applications installed locally on that work PC.

Client-hosted desktop virtualization:

OS delivery and application layering (WSM)OS delivery and application layering (WSM)
vWorkspace WSM provides OS image streaming, application layering (for VDI as well) and server imaging to diskless endpoints and cloud desktops.

vWorkspace WSM

Formerly known as Wyse WSM, now part of vWorkspace Premier licensing, vWorkspace WSM delivers desktop images and applications separately to highly-secure stateless and diskless clients on demand from the cloud. This enables IT to quickly swap OS images, with enterprise-wide software updates and patches as easy as a file drag-and-drop. It enables provisioning of server images from a central location to multiple physical or virtual server platforms.

The benefits include:

  • Functionality even with WAN failure: Distributed architecture helps make sure that remote branches continue working with virtualized desktops and applications even if the wide area network (WAN) breaks down.
  • High security and compliance: All OS images, applications and data, including saves and writes, are safely stored on the server. The OS, applications and content are wiped clean from each client at log off. OS images and applications meet government and/or industry compliance requirements.
  • High performance: A rich locally executing speedy PC experience that, to the user, is indistinguishable from that of a traditional desktop system, with complete application and peripheral compatibility.
  • Easy maintenance: Centralized web-based administration with policy-based control, and one-click device recovery and cleanup.
  • Scalability: Distributed architecture with multiple server support that easily scales across a campus or a global.

Ideal use cases:

Education: Manage client-hosted virtual desktops throughout a school or district from a central location, and enable labs and classrooms to run a vast variety of Windows apps, including those not published for VDI.
Remote Branch Offices
Remote Branch Offices: Enable deployment of Windows desktops and applications across distributed geographic locations. Link your branch and distributed facilities through your WAN to ensure continuous availability.
Healthcare: Gain the local performance of a desktop with the storage capacity of a central server. Simplify image management while retaining central control over security and compliance.
Dell Appliance for Wyse-vWorkspace

Dell Appliance for Wyse-vWorkspace

Quick, easy-to-setup and affordable VDI

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Wyse vWorkspaceTM - Virtualization Review 2015 Reader's Choice Award Finalist


Wyse vWorkspaceTM

2015 Reader’s Choice Award Finalist

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