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Desktop and application virtualization, optimized

Dell’s simple, flexible, high-performance desktop virtualization solution.



Simple to use and maintain

Simple to use and maintain

IT-friendly and familiar: vWorkspace is built on familiar Microsoft technologies and provides tools that make it easy for an IT generalist to deploy and manage both client-hosted and cloud-hosted virtual desktops. We designed it with the needs of both the end user and IT helpdesk in mind.

HTML5 browser access: Applications and data are now accessible without the need to install or maintain any client software.

Easy to use: Intuitive design means users can find and access everything they need, without assistance from IT.

Centrally managed: Monitor connections and pinpoint and quickly resolve issues without having to escalate to expensive 2nd and 3rd level support personnel using built-in monitoring and diagnostics. New usage reports can be scheduled and automatically delivered via email, providing management with easy access to valuable information.
Flexible and scalable

Flexible and scalable

Designed for organizations of all sizes: Whether you employ a small handful of employees, you're part of a very large enterprise, or you’re a service provider requiring multi-tenant capable solutions, vWorkspace can scale to meet your exact needs.

Wide-ranging compatibility: Wyse vWorkspace provides access to modern or legacy Windows applications, as well as Windows or Linux desktops, all from a single solution.

Policy-based security: Your data stays secure through administration of flexible policies that allow, restrict or deny access based on "who", "how", "what" or "where" a connection is attempted. All of this control is accessible through easy-to-use interface that does not require any scripting, networking or advanced IT knowledge to implement or maintain.
High performance

High performance

Anytime access: We know today’s users expect to be able to access their applications and data anytime, so Wyse vWorkspace makes it easy to accomplish a lot of work in very tight maintenance windows. With vWorkspace, you can deploy thousands of desktops in under an hour, and even install or upgrade all of your desktops to a new version of Windows in 20 minutes.

Client and cloud hosted virtualization: Because Wyse vWorkspace provides both client and cloud hosted desktop virtualization, you can deliver high-end applications that require local execution, or you can deliver a like-local experience to cloud hosted applications and desktops via Microsoft RemoteFX. Both types of desktop virtualization are optimized by Dell endpoints and datacenter hardware.

Highly scalable: Wyse vWorkspace comes built-in with a highly scalable secure access service capable of supporting up to 10,000 users with a single Windows Server virtual machine instance. Multiple secure access service virtual machines can be load balanced to provide remote access to even higher numbers of users.

Faster deployment, less cost

HyperCache: Reduce storage requirements and speed the retrieval of frequently used data with HyperCache technology. This feature enables the Hyper-V host server to cache frequently accessed data locally in RAM, while reducing the demands on your network. And because HyperCache can distribute that data more quickly than a disk-based network storage infrastructure, you can also leverage low-cost DAS storage or local disks, instead of more expensive SAN space.

HyperDeploy: Enable near-instant provisioning of virtual desktops and RD Session Host virtual machines with HyperDeploy. Virtual machine templates are replicated in seconds and optimization achieves disk space savings of up to 40 percent.

Optimized total cost of ownership: vWorkspace provides comprehensive features, offering you the best value. In addition, you can deploy up to 345 VDI users or host up to 500 shared sessions per Dell PowerEdge R730 server, achieving the lowest cost per seat.
Faster deployment, less cost
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