PowerVault Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

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Adding capacity to your data center

As data needs continue to grow and capacity expansion becomes a necessity, you have to address the delicate balance between the need for additional storage and the finite space within your data center. The answer is to seamlessly expand your PowerEdge servers or Dell Storage arrays with Dell’s direct attached storage (DAS) options. The MD1220 provides the performance required for the most demanding applications in a simple, energy-efficient DAS array. The MD1200 offers versatility and high-capacity storage for mainstream applications, with optimal performance in sequential (streaming) applications.

PowerVault MD3060e expansion enclosure
Introducing the new PowerVault MD3060e

Server expansion is affordable with the MD3060e dense enclosure,
or JBOD (just a bunch of disks). The compact 4U form
factor enables you to dramatically increase capacity and efficiency
behind PowerEdge server workloads while helping minimize the
impact on your data center footprint. A versatile mix-and-match
hard drive option supports more capacity, increasing server
storage up to 240 hard drives in only 16U of standard rack space.
This maximizes capacity to almost a petabyte of storage per
server while saving space, power and cooling expenses.

The MD3060e is available as a DAS solution for PowerEdge R620,
R720 and R720xd servers, supporting 6Gbps SAS connectivity
with a host bus adaptor (HBA). Administrators can easily manage
data through the host server and scale to meet application demands
without disruption.

The MD3060e Dense Enclosure is an ideal solution for:

• Hosting companies that need affordable and dense storage
• Work groups within a large IT organization, such as an R&D
• Universities or government agencies with high performance
  computing (HPC) deployments that require high-density storage
• High-bandwidth or modular infrastructures, such as
  manufacturing, oil and gas, and video surveillance
• Financial institutions that need to process volumes of data
  without increasing their data center footprint

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PowerVault MD1220 direct attached storagePowerVault MD1200 direct attached storagePowerVault MD3060e dense exepansion enclosure
PowerVault MD1220 direct
attached storage
PowerVault MD1200 direct
attached storage
PowerVault MD3060e dense
An energy-efficient storage-expansion
array that provides the performance
to satisfy demanding single server
applications. Mix SAS and near-line
SAS drives to combine both
performance and capacity. It supports
up to 24x 2.5" SAS HDDs or SSDs,
including self-encrypting drives
(SEDs), in a 2U array.
Offers versatility and high-capacity
storage for mainstream applications
with optimal performance in
sequential (streaming) applications. It
supports twelve 3.5" or 2.5" SAS HDDs
or SSDs in a 2U array, with the
flexibility to mix drives behind a
single PERC H800 Host-RAID adapter.

A 6Gb SAS dense enclosure that is
designed to add capacity for the Dell
PowerEdge Servers, models R620,
R720 and R720xd. The compact 4U
form factor increases capacity and
efficiency with a small footprint. It
supports sixty (60) 3.5" and 2.5" NL
SAS, SAS HDDs or SSDs. This model
requires a two-port LSI 9207-8E 6Gb


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PowerVault Direct Attached Storage
Dell PowerVault MD3 storage arrays help you cost-effectively address the challenges of data growth with versatile solutions that are optimized for smaller-scale storage consolidation, flexible virtualization projects and high business continuity.

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