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Software Change Auditor for Active Directory
Software Change Auditor for Exchange
Software Coexistence Manager for GroupWise
Dell Software - Migrator for GroupWise
Change Auditor for Active Directory
Eliminate the time and complexity required for auditing.

Change Auditor for Exchange
Track, audit, report and alert on Microsoft® Exchange Server configuration and permission changes in real time.

Coexistence Manager for GroupWise
Maintain business productivity with interoperability between GroupWise and Exchange, Office 365 and hosted Exchange.

Migrator for GroupWise
Streamline and accelerate the Exchange transition process to mitigate the risk of data loss.

Migrator for NDS
Software Recovery Manager for Active Directory
Software Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition
Software Recovery Manager for Exchange
Migrator for NDS
Streamline your migrations from Novell Directory Services to Active Directory.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory
Ensure availability and maintain productivity by avoiding human error or hardware/software failures.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition
Quickly restore your entire domain or AD forest in the event of a major disaster or AD corruption.

Recovery Manager for Exchange
Recover email quickly and easily, without the need for a dedicated recovery server.

Software RemoteScan Universal
RemoteScan Universal
The software solution that lets you scan directly from a TWAIN- or WIA-compliant desktop or network scanner to any hosted software that requires an ISIS driver.


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