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Enable user mobility without sacrificing IT control.

Balance user freedom and IT control while streamlining deployment of virtual desktops. Plus, securely provide remote and mobile users with a consistent experience across devices as well as easy, anywhere access to corporate resources.

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Desktop Virtualization
Boost worker mobility and flexibility by implementing desktop virtualization across a wide variety of endpoint devices. Simplify deployment and management of virtual desktops no matter which virtualization model - or models - you choose.
 Enterprise Mobility Management
Simplify deployment and management of a full range of endpoint systems, including desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices and virtual workspaces. Support a diverse array of endpoints while controlling costs and complexity.
Endpoint Security
Protect your PCs, servers, tablets and smartphones from a diverse array of potential threats. Encrypt data, enforce policies and ensure that all endpoints have the latest versions of anti-virus software installed and active.
 Network Security
Protect your network by preventing intrusions, while ensuring productivity and compliance. Get award-winning network protection without sacrificing network performance.
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Secure Remote Access
Provide your mobile and remote users with secure access to corporate resources anytime, anywhere. Allow employees and business partners to tap into critical resources from their desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

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