PowerVault NX3000 HA Cluster

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Deploy Clustered Storage using familiar Microsoft Windows technology

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The PowerVault NX3000 is a cluster-ready, high availability storage solution with integrated storage specific features like Single Instant Storage (SIS) file deduplication, replication, remote management and built-in, advanced software for automatic, policy-based data management.

  • Cluster-ready storage solution for both file and block data. Scales up to 16 nodes and can attach to PowerVault MD, EqualLogic or Compellent (4) storage arrays.
  • When you choose Dell’s PowerVault arrays you can grow your storage system up to 576TB total maximum capacity.
  • When you choose Dell’s PowerVault arrays you can grow your storage system up to 576TB total maximum capacity.

Powervault NX3000HA Cluster Storage System

PowerVault Network Attached Storage Products

Unified storage with high availability clustering

In addition to providing a NAS gateway solution for EqualLogic and Compellent (4), the NX3000 is extremely well positioned to provide a file frontend to the proven PowerVault MD line of storage arrays.

This combination PowerVault NX3000/MD3200i offers a unified storage solution that provides CIFS/SMB/NFS file, as well as iSCSI block connectivity in an HA cluster setup.

The building blocks of this fail-over cluster configuration are 2 PowerVault NX3000 NAS appliances and one MD3200i iSCSI storage array. The two NX3000 cluster nodes serve as a file frontend to one MD3200i iSCSI array, which provides backend storage for NX3000 file shares and dedicated iSCSI block connectivity.

There are several pre-configured MD3200i options ranging from entry-level configurations to capacity or performance optimized configurations.

The NX3000 cluster nodes are pre-configured for HA setup with Windows Storage Server® 2008 R2 x64 Enterprise Edition.

Each node includes two 146GB1 15K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI 3.5" Hot Plug Hard Drives to accommodate a RAID 1 OS configuration and two 870W redundant power supplies.

In addition to its 4 on-board Gigabit Ethernet ports, each cluster node contains one Intel® Gigabit quad port NIC, effectively providing 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports per node.

Manage your NX3000 with confidence

Administer your PowerVault NX3000 HA Cluster without straining your IT resources or squeezing set-up timelines.
  • Reduce overall deployment time with the preconfigured Windows® Storage Server OS file services. It removes several management tasks and helps minimize the impact on file infrastructures.
  • Manage the PowerVault NX3000 remotely through iDRAC Enterprise and OpenManage 6.1, including Dell Management Console (DMC) and IT Assistant.
  • Choose from other remote management options, including Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or a standard Web browser with ActiveX RDP for Windows clients or Java RDP for non-Windows clients.
  • Forget about purchasing client-access licenses (CALs), because support for multiple users is already built into the appliance.
PowerVault NX3100

Easy management and integration into your environment

NX3000 (HA) provides improved storage capabilities, simplified deployment, and easier management while assuring seamless synergy in your existing Windows® infrastructure in a cost-effective and high-performance platform.

Administrators that are familiar with the Windows Server® 2008 R2 OS will find implementing this clustered, high availability solutions easy. You can cluster two or more NX3000 appliances up to a maximum of 16; a flexibility that illustrates how the PowerVault NX3000 can grow with you and support many companies growing data availability requirements.

Especially when you use the NX3000 (HA) as a clustered NAS gateway with your existing PowerVault MD array solution or in your Dell EqualLogic™ SAN environment you can maximize your SAN investments. Dell’s high-end Compellent storage solutions also leverage the NX3000 (HA) to provide NAS gateway functionality for Windows environments (4).

The PowerVault™ NX3000 supports systems management with remote management through iDRAC Enterprise and OpenManage 6.1, including DMC (Dell Management Console), IT Assistant.
In addition, the Microsoft Windows Storage Server OS file services are already preconfigured as part of the NX3000 for painless deployment. This reduces the overall deployment time, as it removes many management tasks and minimizes the impact on organizations’ file infrastructures.

Additional remote management can be done through either RDP (remote Desktop Protocol) on Windows clients or through a standard Web browser with ActiveX RDP for Windows or Java RDP for non-Windows clients.

Finally, there is no need for Client-Access Licenses (CALs) because support for multiple users is already built into the appliance.

The MD3200i arrays are managed by next-generation MD Storage Manager software, an intuitive, easy-to-use client-based Java application. Two different management paths offer easy user interaction, even for those with only a basic familiarity of storage systems.

Multiple systems can be monitored through a single interface and wizard-based array management helps simplify the configuration process.Software detects and alerts you of any problems and launches an automatic Recovery Guru to help troubleshoot and resolve the issues.



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