Dell Precision R5500 Rack Workstation

intel® xeon™
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ISV-certified rack workstation featuring optional dual high-end graphics or dual GPU compute cards.

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Dell Precision R5500 Rack Workstation





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Precision R5500 - 為什麼要選擇機架工作站?因為符合您的工作需求


當工作需要的安全性與彈性超越標準立式工作站或行動工作站所能負荷的範圍,Dell™ Precision™ R5500 機架工作站就是最理想的選擇。

  • 對於把安全性視為首要之務的組織而言,光靠鎖和鑰匙是不夠的。Dell Precision R5500 可將您的智慧財產穩妥地存放在資料中心,安全無虞。
  • 您是否得在不便、危險或十分遙遠的環境下工作? Dell Precision R5500 可以從遠端提供工作站等級的效能,讓您的員工使用 Dell Wyse P25 極精簡用戶端,在自己的工作環境中持續發揮生產力並舒適地工作。
  • Wyse P25 具有體積小、溫度低且噪音小的優點,適合在有限空間、或是需控管溫度或噪音的環境下工作的使用者。
  • 利用 Wyse P25 極精簡用戶端和 Tera 2 主機卡進行 1:1 遠端存取的方式,可大幅提升生產力,並協助改善異地承包商、輪值人力及分散各地員工的投資報酬率 (ROI)。
Precision R5500


絕對不犧牲生產力。Dell Precision R5500 提供真正工作站等級的元件,讓您享有完成工作需要的持久效能。

  • 強大的 Intel® Xeon® 處理器選項,最高可至六核心,協助大幅提升工作輸出
  • Windows® 7 專業版
  • 選購的雙顯示卡或雙 GPGPU 卡,以及最高 450W 的可用顯示卡電源,提供頂級效能
  • 最高可配備 5 個標準的全長全高度 PCIe x16 卡,提供卓越彈性
  • 最高可配備 192GB* 系統記憶體,即使是處理最大型的資料集,也能實現高生產力
  • 最高可配備 5 個 SATA 硬碟或 6 個 SAS 硬碟,提供大型專案充裕的儲存容量
  • 針對您最重要的應用程式提供 ISV (獨立軟體開發商) 認證,協助確保完成關鍵任務專案,而不會延遲時間
  • 選購的雙備援電源,協助您持續運作不中斷
Precision R5500


Wyse P25 的設計可讓您的員工從遠端流暢存取 R5500 
  • 利用 P25 極精簡用戶端和 Tera 2 主機卡進行 1:1 存取的方式,可提供最優異的效能以及卓越的遠端使用者體驗。 
  • PC-over-IP 硬體式壓縮技術只會透過網路傳送轉譯的圖形像素資料,確保提供快速和反應靈敏的使用者經驗。

協助提升工作站虛擬化的投資報酬率 (ROI)

  • 最多可讓兩名使用者同時從任何位置存取同一台 R5500
  • Citrix® XenServer™ 搭配 HDX 3D Pro 使用,為每個使用者或虛擬機器配備專屬的獨立顯示卡,造就虛擬化的工作站環境。




Precision R5500

需要使用出色硬體,才能實現卓越的工作成果。Dell Precision R5500 從第一天起就能提供最佳效能,而 Dell 的進階服務和支援選項,也能協助您迅速開始運作,並於發生意外問題時減少停機時間。

  • 選購的客製工廠整合 (CFI) 將硬體、影像、應用程式、周邊設備和文件與系統結合,協助您簡化和加速部署,同時提升一致性和相容性。
  • 選擇 Dell 的頂級支援服務 ProSupport*,就能在您所在區域提供 24 小時全年無休的進階技術人員,讓您隨時透過電話直接連絡。
  • 即使是您的非 Dell 軟硬體出現問題,ProSupport 的協同合作支援功能也能提供協助。我們會作為您的單一連絡窗口,利用與 75 家以上頂級協力廠商的合作關係協助解決問題。


  • Intel® Xeon® 6-Core (X5690, X5675, X5650, E5645)
    Intel® Xeon® Quad Core (X5687, X5647, E5620, E5507, E5606, E5603)

Operating System

  • Windows 7 Professional, No Media, 64-bit, English
    Windows 7 Ultimate, No Media, 64-bit, English
    Windows 7 Professional, w XP Mode, No Media, 64-bit, English
    Windows 7 Ultimate, w XP Mode, No Media, 64-bit, English
    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® version 6 (v5.5 supported) (Please contact your Dell Sales Representative to customize the product with Linux operating system option)


  • Intel 5520


  • Up to 192GB of 1066MHz or 96GB2 of 1333MHz ECC Registered DIMM memory (maximum memory requires dual processors installed and Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Windows 7 64-bit). Three-channel memory architecture. 6 DIMM slots available per processor for a maximum of 12 DIMM slots for dual processor configurations. The 2nd processor has an integrated memory controller, which provides an additional 3 channels of memory bandwidth.

Graphics Card

  • One or two PCI Express® x16 Gen 2 discrete graphics cards supporting 450W maximum combined power.

    High End 3D:
    NVIDIA® Quadro® 6000
    NVIDIA® Quadro® K5000
    NVIDIA® Quadro® 5000

    Mid-range 3D:
    NVIDIA Quadro 4000
    NVIDIA Quadro 2000

    Entry 3D:
    NVIDIA Quadro 600

    Professional 2D:
    NVIDIA Quadro NVS 300

    GPU (Graphics Processing Unit for High-Performance Computing):

    NVIDIA Tesla C2075 – Supports Nvidia Maximus™ technology
    NVIDIA Tesla C2050

Drive Bays

  • Up to five 6.3cm (2.5) SATA hard drives:
    250GB, 500GB or 1TB SATA 3.0Gbit/s 7200 RPM

    Up to six 6.3cm (2.5) SAS hard drives:
    600GB or 900GB SAS 10k RPM
    146GB SAS 15k RPM

Drive Controllers

  • Integrated SATA 3.0GB/s controller that supports host-based (software) RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 (Windows only)
    Optional SAS 6ir PCIe controller card that supports host-based (software) RAID 0, 1
    Optional SATA / SAS Perc 6i PCIe controller card that supports hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 10

Ports, Slots & Chassis

  • Rear:
    4 - USB 2.0
    1 - Serial
    1 - Audio in
    1 - Audio out
    2 - RJ-45
    1 - System ID Button
    1 - System ID LED
    1 - CMA remote LED connector

    2 - USB 2.0
    1 - System ID Button
    1 - System ID LED
    1 - HDD LED
    1 - LAN LED
    4 - Diagnostic LED

    1 - USB 2.0

    Dimensions (HxWxD):
    Inches : 3.40” x 17.35” x 29.67” (31.21” w/ bezel)
    Cms : 8.63 x 44.06 x 75.36 (79.27 w/ bezel)


  • Monitors:
    Performance flat-panel displays, Dell UltraSharp™ widescreen and standard flat-panel displays from 17" viewable to 30" viewable

    Dell Enhanced Quietkey™ USB; Enhanced Multimedia USB; Smart Card keyboard USB

    Dell USB two-button mouse and Dell USB optical two-button scroll mouse

    Optional Speakers:
    Dell two- and three-piece stereo system; Dell sound bar for select flat-panel displays


  • Base: 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty* with 3-year standard Next Business Day Service after Remote Diagnosis*

    Recommended: Dell ProSupport* is designed to rapidly respond to your business’s needs, help protect your
    investment and sensitive data, and provide enhanced proactive support services to help reduce risk and complexity within your IT environment


  • Trusted Platform Module 1.2 (TPM 1.2); Chassis intrusion switch, Setup/BIOS Password; I/O Interface Security; Front bezel key lock


  • One or two, redundant, hot-pluggable, 1100 watt 88% (80 Plus® Gold Certified) efficient power supply


  • Environmental standards (eco-labels) include: China - RoHS, CEC; EU - RoHS, WEEE; Germany - GS Mark; South Korea - RoHS; Japan - RoHS, Energy Law, Green PC
    Other environmental options: Dell Energy Smart settings (select configurations); Dell Asset Recovery Service
Dell ProSupport can help you cut costs and increase productivity across your multivendor environment. It will ease the burden on your resources so that they can focus on keeping your customers satisfied and free your time to focus on the bigger picture.

With Dell ProSupport, you can expect:

  • 24x7 direct access to highly trained experts who provide enterprise-level, tech-to-tech support
  • Remote and on-site support with four and eight hour parts & labor response options
  •  Incident-based third-party software assistance for data center and end-user applications, OS, and firmware troubleshooting
  • Emergency parts and labor dispatch, in parallel with troubleshooting for issues you identify as severity level 1
  • Access to secure online management of parts, convenient for servicing your own hardware
  • Options to remotely monitor and manage your data center hardware
  • Options for data and asset protection services

Data Management and Protection

Asset Management and Protection

IT Advisory Services

  • Keep Your Hard Drive* helps you retain control of sensitive data.
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery provides unlimited attempts to recover data from a failed hard drive.
  • Accidental Damage Protection repairs or replaces accidentally damaged systems.
  • System Tracking and Recovery tracks lost or stolen systems.
  • Extended Battery Service covers an optional replacement battery during a system’s three-year limited warranty period.
Provides enhanced proactive capabilities through:
  • Designated Technical Account Manager
  • Performance benchmarking, custom reporting, planning and assessments
Customization and setup
Installation Services
For fast, trouble-free installation of your system, including installing into a pre-built rack where applicable. For advanced installation requirements your Dell representative can provide a customised quotation.

Deployment services
Our end-to-end deployment services are designed to simplify and accelerate the customization and utilization of your new systems. Dell Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources.

Configuration Services
Configuration Services
With Dell Configuration Services, your company receives fully functional systems ready for use by end users or for installation in your data center.Dell Configuration Services can help remove the complexity and frustration associated with deploying new equipment. You avoid excessive downtime in deploying new systems and can eliminate the risks and unnecessary complexity associated with supporting nonstandard configurations in your environment.

Have your image loaded on your PCs prior to shipping. By allowing Dell Services to load your image as your systems are being built, you’ll be able to receive fully imaged laptops and desktops and minimize disruption to your day-to-day operations.
Asset Tagging/Shipping Labels
Want to be able to control and effectively manage the status of your computer equipment? Our asset tags and ship-box labels make identifying, tracking, securing and recovering your computers easier, simpler and more affordable.
System tracking and recovery
System Tracking and Recovery
Computrace by Absolute® Software helps your organization locate lost or stolen systems and protect the corporate data that resides on these machines. Computrace allows you to centrally manage your IT assets, identify missing assets and enforce software policies. In the event of loss or theft – Computrace One can help recover the asset.
BIOS Customization
Allows customization and personalization of BIOS information for your organisation . An automated way to save time and effort creating basic system settings. Provides additional security and change control.

Hard Drive Partitioning
Minimize the risk of damaging crucial Operating System files and increase flexibility by storing your data on separate partitions with no need to purchase and install expensive disk partitioning software.

Asset Resale and Recycling
Asset Resale and Recycling offers safe and environmentally appropriate disposal or donation solutions for outdated or end of life IT assets. This service include transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, donation charity nomination, detailed data security and environmental reports at affordable prices.