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Windows ServerIntel
Windows Server 2016:
The right solution to help power your business.
Whether it is your first server or you are working to harness the latest data center advancements, Windows Server 2016 brings the latest cloud-inspired technologies to the everyday business. New and enhanced features can help make the most of existing resources so that your business can spend more time focused on bringing new solutions, services and experiences to your customers.Video

Windows Server 2016 is designed to fit your business.


Safeguard your Business

  • Maintain latest anti-malware and anti-virus with built-in Windows Defender
   Reduce access risks using Just Enough & Just in Time administration
   Secures Windows Server environment from malware and tampering using Secure Boot
   Protect sensitive data and files regardless of location with Shielded Virtual Machines

$3.79 Million is the average cost of a data breach, an increase of 23% over the past two years.
(2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: IBM & Ponemon Institute Global Analysis)


Improve IT Efficiency and Productivity

  • Improve server efficiency using virtual machines and Windows Containers 
   Increase uptime and availability with built-in disaster recovery with enhanced clusters and replication 
   Improve Remote Desktop Services with enhanced performance and graphic support 
   Expanded capabilities in Storage Spaces Direct provides resiliency and reduced costs


“60% of companies by 2018 will rely on highly instrumented datacenters that use advanced automation to boost efficiency.”
(IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Datacenter 2016 Predictions)


CloudCloud Readiness

Be Ready for the Cloud

  • Improve infrastructure agility through workload mobility using virtual machines and containers 
  • Build scalable storage capacity with easy to use Azure Storage Services1
  • Reduce complexity of managing user identity & security across devices in on-premises and cloud scenarios using Azure AD
    and Microsoft Intune1
  • Simplify management of on-premises and cloud server infrastructure with Azure remote server management1

“Most businesses intend to be hybrid, with a weighted average of 64% private and 36% public.”
(When IT Leaders Should Select Private Over Public Cloud Services, Gartner 2015)

1. Not out of the box – only available as add-on service.

 PowerEdge T330 Tower Server PowerEdge T430 Tower Server
 PowerEdge T330 Tower Server PowerEdge T430 Tower Server
 A powerful and expandable 1-socket tower server. A powerful 2-socket tower server featuring an expandable design and quiet acoustics.
Customize & BuyCustomize & Buy
 PowerEdge R330 RackServer PowerEdge R430 RackServer
 PowerEdge R330 Rack Server PowerEdge R430 Rack Server
 A powerful and expandable 1-socket, high-availability entry rack server. Peak 2-socket performance for HPC, web tech and infrastructure scale-out.
Customize & BuyCustomize & Buy

Discover 8 ways a server can make your
business more efficient

1. Fast Backups- minimize the risk of lost data with
quick backups and redundant hard drives

2. Control your e-mail- centralize your business email
system and help make it easy to manage

3. Increase Privacy- protect sensitive files and control
who has access to them

4. Multilayered protection- help defend your business‘ IT
network by filtering or blocking unwanted content

5. Share effectively- share files, printers, contact lists
and calendars

6. Anytime access- Access your server-based files,
data and email from virtually anywhere, allowing employees
to work remotely

7. Manage accessories- control printers, scanners and
other accessories from one centralized location

8. Dell Deployment Services- no hassle setup with
having your server installed by a Dell technician. 

Servers Vs. Desktops 

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PowerEdge T130 Tower Server   PowerEdge T330 Tower Server
PowerEdge T130 Tower ServerPowerEdge T330 Tower Server
Powerful 1-socket, mini-tower first server for small office/home office and SMB to consolidate data and drive applications faster.Drive SMB and remote office/branch office applications faster and grow your data with a powerful and expandable 1-socket tower server.
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Businesses with multiple servers or limited square footage
or storage space. Let the latest generation of PowerEdge
rack servers fuel your innovation. Featuring high-performance
computing with flexible, flash-optimized hybrid-storage options,

PowerEdge rack servers are designed to maximize IT efficiency
for a wide range of workloads including virtualization, collaboration,
business processing and decision support. The agent-free
embedded server management simplifies and automates IT
administration, and ensures a more efficient and highly available
data center.
    PowerEdge Rack Servers

     PowerEdge Rack Servers

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a. How do you know if you should be considering virtualizing ?
b. Is data management a struggle?
c. Is IT agility important to your business?

The data center is in the midst of a major transition.
Organizations (big and small) are using virtualization
to drive consolidation and operational efficiency, simplify
operations and management, and speed new services.
They are moving from one-server, one workload approach
to running virtual instances of those workloads on a
single host server.

The Dell PowerEdge Server was designed from the ground-up
to handle the heavy demands of consolidated and virtualized
environments. Available in tower, rack and blade form factors,
PowerEdge brings innovative technologies and performance
leadership that allows organizations to fully leverage their
investment in virtualization.

    Rack Enclosures

           Rack Enclosures

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Protect all of your data and applications while reducing maintenance time
and costs while minimizing your backup window.
Information is the life blood of a small business. Sooner or later you will need more space to
store information such as e-mails, documents, presentations, databases, graphics, audio
files and spreadsheets. In addition, the applications that run and protect your business
require a lot of disk space so you should consider a robust storage solution to ensure data
is available when required.

4 reasons why your small business needs storage and backup
1. Protect data from infrastructure failures
2. Protect data from corruption and user errors
3. Protect data from site failures
4. Actively manage aging data

Disk/Tape BackupNetwork Attached Storage
PowerValut RD1000Network Attached Storage
PowerValut RD1000PowerVault NX400
Customers seeking a rugged,
removable disk backup for servers
or desktops with a simple USB port
connection. Great cost effective
option for offsite storage

Starting at $579
Network Attached Storage that offers
automated setup and management
capabilities. Single Socket with up to
16TB raw capacity.

Starting at $2779
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Server & Backup
Choose Dell PowerEdge servers to:
• Centralize your business data and applications for easy sharing and secure access control
• Minimize risk and simplify data protection with a backup and recovery Dell PowerVault solution
• Improve system performance and stability with Dell ProSupport Plus for Enterprise - 24x7 tech support, a dedicated Technical Account Manager and SupportAssist automated monitoring

Networking & Security
Set up a network designed for small and medium business that includes:
• Enterprise-class network control with consumer-like ease
• Dell SonicWALL for maximum control over all data and applications across your network
• Together, Dell Networking and Dell SonicWALL offer faster connection speeds, enterprise grade protection

PC & Virtualization
Customize reliable business-class laptops and desktops and get:
• End-to-end cloud client-computing solutions
• Heightened security, speed and management across any platform.
• Dell Wyse desktop virtualization solutions
• Easy Windows migration to current system setup
• Outstanding end-user support

Cloud & Software
Customize your cloud solution with an end-to-end portfolio including:
• Cross-platform services
• Expert guidance
• Private and hybrid clouds
• Diverse management
• Scalable integrated enterprise software
• Office 365, Virtualization and Cloud Services, 24x7 support

Encryption software
Keep sensitive data secure and meet compliance mandates with encryption coverage using Dell Data Protection Encryption solutions.


power edge

PowerEdge T130 Tower Server
Powerful 1-socket, mini-tower first server for small office/home office and SMB to consolidate data and drive applications faster.
Starting at $449

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power edge

PowerEdge T330 Tower Server
Drive SMB and remote office/branch office applications faster and grow your data with a powerful and expandable 1-socket tower server.
Starting at $1,129

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