Windows 8.1 and Android Tablets for Business

Windows 8
intel core
Windows XP support has ended.
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 Venue 7 and 8 Venue 8 Pro Venue 11 Pro
 Dell Venue 7 and 8  Dell Venue 8 Pro  Dell Venue 11 Pro
 Experience the power of an Intel® processor
 and Android OS. Get the most out of your
 work with wide-angle HD, high-resolution
 cameras and over 10 hours of battery life.
 Stay productive with a lightweight yet
 powerful 8” HD tablet featuring the
 new Windows 8.1 OS. Work securely
 from anywhere with a wireless keyboard.

This dual purpose device works as a tablet
 when you're out in the field but also
 enables you to work on your desktop
 in the office thanks to an optional dock.

Android             Yes                                           No                                         No   
Windows 8.1
     No      Yes     Yes   
     Venue     Venue     Venue   
Data security
     Venue     Venue     Venue   
Swappable Battery
     No     No     Yes   
Full Microsoft Office     No     Yes     Yes   
Desktop Dock option     No     No     Yes   

Dell Venue Pro Tablets
Dell Venue 8 ProDell Venue 8 Pro
Perfect for being on-the-go, access all your work and play essentials on
this slim, lightweight device. Features full Windows 8.1, all-day battery
life, enhanced security and optional Microsoft Office and keyboard.
Dell Venue 8 Pro
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Venue Pro 11Dell Venue 11 Pro
Meet the ultimate in productivity, connectivity and collaboration. Enjoy
full laptop performance in an ultra portable tablet that has unmatched
flexibility for a business in motion.
Dell Venue 11 Pro
Dell Venue 11 Pro

Dell Venue Android Tablets
Dell Venue 7Dell Venue 7

With a sleek design and wealth of supported applications, this attractive,
fully-featured companion device will help you stay productive, connected
and entertained anywhere.

Dell Venue 7

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Dell Venue 8
Dell Venue 8

Your new favorite media player has arrived. All the fun of a Venue 7 plus
get front and back high-resolution cameras, a larger HD screen and more
storage for your photos, videos and more.

Dell Venue 8

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