Wyse Cloud Client Manager

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Securely manage select user-owned mobile devices and access to apps.

Empower users, protect data and help cut costs through secure access to apps and content on select user devices with Wyse® Cloud Client Manager.

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Wyse Cloud Client Manager - Wyse Cloud Client Manager Details - Manage From A Console
Support consumer and company devices while protecting your data.

With more employees relying on smartphones and tablets to conduct business, it’s important that these devices are properly secured and managed.

Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that gives you and your IT team over-the-air configuration and policy management of a wide range of corporate and user-owned client devices through a single, intuitive console.

Use Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager to:

  • Securely manage select user-owned mobile devices over the air, from virtually anywhere.
  • Configure and support Dell Wyse thin clients and select mobile devices from a single console.
  • Enable user self-service provisioning.
  • Monitor user devices, track asset inventory and enforce policy compliance.

Dell Wyse クラウドクライアントマネージャにより、業務用または個人使用デバイスから社内アプリケーションおよびコンテンツの使用をリモート管理することができます。次の作業がリモートで可能です。 : 
  • リモートデスクトップへのアクセスとともに、アプリケーションおよびコンテンツへのアクセスも可能にし、エンドユーザーの権限を強化 。
  • iOS および Android のアプリケーションを、業務用および個人が所有するデバイスを使用して、配布および管理 。
  • モバイルデバイス上の、モバイルアプリケーションの完全なインベントリの把握。
  • モバイルアプリケーションのポリシーの適用、およびコンプライアンスの監視 。
  • すべてのデバイスに対し、一貫したデータ保護およびポリシーコンプライアンスの作成 適応 。
Enable user self-service and receive real-time reports and alerts.

Wyse Cloud Client Manager - Wyse Cloud Client Manager Details - Manage From A ConsoleWyse Cloud Client Manager - Wyse Cloud Client Manager Details - Manage From A Console

Reduce the strain on IT resources with a solution that allows policy-driven user self-service and automatic monitoring. The self-service component of Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager allows you to establish policies within which users can manage their own devices.
  • Users can perform their own device registration, download system updates or troubleshoot certain issues.
  • Users can also download their own apps and content as policies permit.

With its real-time reporting and alert capabilities,
Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager can provide new
levels of insight into your mobile device

  • Establish a single point of control.
  • Enable a clear view of your inventory.
  • Identify individual user needs.
  • Accurately define policy exceptions.


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