Latitude XT Tablet PC

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The Dell™ Latitude™ XT is one of the thinnest 12.1" convertible tablets in the market and is designed to give you a superb user and ownership experience. It's sleek, innovative design makes it ultra-portable and simple to use, and its reliability and comprehensive service and support make it cost-effective and convenient to own.

Latitude XT Laptop

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Dell Latitude XT
Dell Latitude XT

Dell Latitude XT

The Dell Latitude XT is one of the thinnest 12.1" convertible tablets in the market and is designed to give you a superb user and ownership experience. Its sleek, innovative design help make it ultra-portable and simple to use, and its reliability and comprehensive service and support help make it cost-effective and convenient to own. With extremely accurate groundbreaking touch technology, a light, comfortable to use pen and a full-sized keyboard, you can work comfortably in tablet mode or laptop mode. Take notes on the go or sit down for a full working session – the Latitude XT allows you to write naturally, simply pick up the pen and write as you would on a piece of paper.
Top Tablet Technology

Groundbreaking Touch Technology

The Dell Latitude XT is designed to offer an industry-leading tablet experience. Based directly on customer feedback, we’ve developed the Latitude XT with both high performance capacitive touch input that is multi-touch ready and pen input to allow you to work how you want. The display boasts incredible accuracy and response time, so you won’t lose your thoughts on the way to the screen. Our customers are looking for the very best user experience on the market, and the Latitude XT delivers.
Easy to Carry

One of the Thinnest Tablets on the Market

The Latitude XT can go anywhere with you because it’s one of the thinnest 12.1" convertible tablets available. Only one inch thin, the XT easily slips into its unique tablet case which is available with options like a “bump" sleeve that lets you use the tablet without taking it out. Its power supply is ultra small, and its optional slim, high-capacity battery slice allows you to work for hours.
Flexible Options

Panels that Deliver Visibility and Portability

With the Latitude XT, you get great features and the flexibility to choose the options you need. Save weight by choosing a 12.1” wide LED display, or choose the 12.1” wide high-visibility display for one of the brightest displays available in a tablet. Select an optional media base to allow docking and to use optical drives. Use the Latitude XT as a tablet or as a laptop with its full-sized keyboard.
Simple to Manage

Simple to Manage

We know that you don’t have time to deal with technology that’s complex and difficult to manage so the Latitude XT is loaded with the tools you need. You can also stay connected almost anywhere with the Latitude XT’s optional mobile broadband1 capabilities. Dell makes ownership as convenient as possible. The Latitude XT is simple and cost-effective to own, with strong, comprehensive security features, full customization options and comprehensive service and support. Every Latitude XT comes with a 3-year Limited Warranty* including Next-Business-Day On-Site Service.
Dual-Input Technology

Groundbreaking Touch Technology

The Latitude XT gives you maximum flexibility in interacting with the screen. It features ground-breaking touch technology with a multi-touch ready screen plus a comfortably designed pen. Whichever you use, the Latitude XT delivers incredible performance and accuracy for interfacing with the smallest icons. The XT’s advanced dual mode palm-rejection technology helps ensure that the system only registers deliberate touches.
Incredible Portability

Incredible Portability

The Latitude XT is designed to become an integral part of your work day, wherever it takes you. The Latitude XT is not much bigger than a couple of stacked notepads at just 8.7” x 11.7” x 1” (220mm x 297mm x 25.4mm). And with its weight starting at only 3.57lbs/1.62kg* (preliminary estimate), it’s easy to hold, carry and use – virtually anytime, anywhere.
One-Touch Convenience

One-Touch Convenience

To keep you working comfortably and efficiently, the Latitude XT features special tablet buttons that allow you to access the task manager, instantly change the screen orientation, change settings and launch applications of your choice. Forget navigating through menus – you’re only a quick touch away from your most important tasks.
Everything You Need

Everything You Need

Dell has everything you need for a superb tablet experience. Choose a portfolio-style carrying case or a protective "bump" sleeve that lets you use your Latitude XT even while in the case. You can also choose an optional high-capacity, low profile battery slice and a convenient media base for expanded functionality, including optical computing.

Graphics Card

  • ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 Integrated Graphics
    Up to 384MB with 1GB system memory or up to 896MB with 2GB+ system memory


  • 12.1” WXGA (1280 x 800)

    LED backlit thin-and-light LCD – 220 nits

    The XT’s thin-and light LED display uses an energy efficient technology to deliver a bright, crisp viewing experience.

    Optional Outdoor Viewable (400 nit) LCD
    You can also configure your Latitude XT with a super-bright 400 cd/m2 LCD display. A typical laptop has a screen brightness of 185 cd/m2 to 220 cd/m2, so at 400 cd/m2, the XT offers much improved viewability outdoors and less reflections under overhead direct light indoors.


  • Wired:
    Wired: 10/100/1000 Gigabit* Ethernet network interface adaptor
    Dell Wireless 5520 Mobile Broadband* (Tri-band HSDPA 3.6) Mini-Card with service from Vodafone (select countries in Europe) Dell Wireless 5720 Mobile Broadband (EVDO Rev A) Mini-Card with service from Verizon Wireless (US), Sprint (US) and Telus (Canada)
    Dell Wireless 1390 (802.11g); Dell Wireless 1490 (802.11a/g); Dell Wireless 1505 (802.11a/g/Draft n); Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth 2.0 internal wireless card (upgradable to Bluetooth 2.1 EDR) (optional).


  • Physical Security:
    Cable Lock Slots, Media Module and Hard Drive Locks.
    User & System Security:
    Trusted Platform Module 1.2 and standard UPEK™ finger print reader. Wave Embassy™ Trust Suite by Wave Systems security software, optional Integrated Smart Card Reader (via 54mm express card)
    Network Security:
    802.11 WiFi Protected Access (WPA), 802.11i (WPA2), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and 802.1x with EAP modes


  • AUDIO:
    Two-channel high definition audio
    Internal high definition audio
    External microphone-in Port, stereo

    Speaker one 4-ohm speakers
    Internal speaker amplifier 2-W channel into 4 ohms

    Volume controls keyboard shortcuts, program menus


  • Batteries featuring ExpressCharge™
    Primary 4-cell "smart" lithium ion (29 WHr)
    Primary 6-cell "smart" lithium ion (45 WHr)

    Optional Secondary Battery Slice
    Extend your run time with optional secondary battery slice

    Height 0.33”/8.5mm
    Width 11.63”/295.32mm
    Depth 8.4”/213.32mm

    Weight 1.31lb/0.59kg

    Optional Secondary Battery Slice
    Battery Slice Release Lever

    Power Supply
    Super Small 45 Watt AC Adapter: 45% lighter than the 65W Adapter

    Optional: 65 Watt AC Adapter, Auto-Air 65W

    Super Small 45 Watt AC Adapter
    Optional 65 Watt AC Adapter
Limited Hardware Warranty* and Service PlansLimited Hardware Warranty*Standard PlanComprehensive Plan
3-year Next Business Day On-Site Service Yes
3-year Gold Technical Support*YesYes
3-year CompleteCare*™ Accidental Damage Services YesYes
Asset Recovery Services Yes
7x24 Hardware Technical Support YesYesYes
7x24 On-Line Support YesYesYes
Economy Plan
Standard with your system, the Economy Plan offers a 3-Year Limited Warranty* and 3-Year Next-Business-Day On-Site Service .
  • Round-the-clock phone and online support to keep your business up and running.
  • Third-party technician On-site Service should an issue arise that can not be handled via telephone.
Standard Plan
For great assurance, get extended 3-year coverage with the benefits of Next-Business-Day On-Site Service, Dell's Gold Technical Support*, and CompleteCare*™ . Accidental Damage Service, a must-have protection for frequent travelers, multiple-user environments or other demanding working conditions.
  • Coverage for accidental spills, drops, surges, and select other damage from unanticipated events.
  • Initial damage assessment by Dell phone technician.
  • May include shipment of parts, dispatch of On-site Service personnel, and shipment of damaged product to a Dell repair facility or a whole unit exchange.
  • Dedicated, toll-free phone support designed with average 2-minute answer speed.
  • Bypass basic troubleshooting questions as needed and connect directly to high-level technicians who can address your specific issue.
  • Direct contact with industry certified (A+ or MCP), highly trained senior technicians.
  • Resolution management by Technical Account Manager.
  • Seamless support for third-party software and hardware vendors.
  • WebEx™ remote resolution allowing technicians to manage your problem over an active Internet connection.
  • Regular notification of system BIOS, drivers, and hardware updates.
  • Service Management Reporting providing your quarterly usage, history, and trends (upon request).
  • 90-day access to 18 online training courses for using your PC, the Internet, and Microsoft® Windows® software
Comprehensive Plan
This service includes all the advantages of the Standard Plan (NBD On-site Service
& Gold Technical Support*), but with Dell's Asset Recovery Service* (ARS). ARS provides you with a secure method to recycle or dispose of your used computer equipment based on EPA guidelines. This includes desktops, laptops, servers, storage, networking, monitors, printers, projectors, and computer peripherals such as keyboards and mice. What is the value of Asset Recovery?
  • Data Security: Removes tags and labels from equipment and overwrites hard disks.
  • Decrease Costs: Virtually eliminate cost of storing excess, outdated, or used computer equipment.
  • Increase Savings: Value Recovery may provide cash back for your computer equipment.
  • Proper Disposal: You may not be aware of how to properly dispose of old computer equipment based on EPA guidelines.
  • Logistics: You may not have the logistics and disposition infrastructure in place to properly manage the recycling or resale of your old computer equipment.
  • Accountability: Provides a single point of contact, end-to-end visibility, and detailed data security and environmental reports.
  • Decrease Hassle: Frees you to focus on your core business.

Service Options
CompleteCare* Accidental Damage Service
In work and life, one thing is for certain: accidents happen. That's why Dell offers CompleteCare* Accidental Damage Service. This flexible, easy-to-use service picks up where your limited warranty* ends—covering accidental damage such as liquid spills, drops, and electrical surges. CompleteCare* can help minimize downtime and reduce unplanned budget expenses—especially with equipment used in higher-risk situations such as travel or multiple-user environments.

Gold Technical Support*
Gold Technical Support*
(GTS) provides advanced technical support and faster issue resolution by bypassing basic troubleshooting and providing 24x7 direct access to industry-certified technicians who can provide advanced technical support, tools, and expertise required to quickly resolve hardware issues.
Warranty* Parts Direct
Ideal for corporate and public customers who want to diagnose and service their own Dell computer systems, Warranty* Parts Direct provides online certification, streamlined parts dispatching, and when necessary, access to Dell technicians.
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Customization and Set-Up
Deployment Services
To remain efficient, organizations must regularly update their technological capabilities by deploying updated desktop and mobile infrastructure. Dell Deployment Services provide everything you need from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources-resulting in low deployment costs and enhanced end-user experience.
For organizations that wish to maximize their IT infrastructure while optimizing resources, Dell offers a modular suite of proven services-and deployment experts-to assist in planning and managing your deployment activities.

Advanced Configuration Services
Configure your Dell Latitude laptops as you order them. With Advanced Configuration Services, you can save time and resources by selecting various settings during the purchase process. You can choose to:
  • Partition your hard drive
  • Select boot order
  • Change BIOS settings
  • Modify various standard software configuration settings such as removing games and setting your wallpaper to blank
Managed Deployment
For customers looking for a complete, end-to-end deployment solution, Dell offers Dell Managed Deployment Services. Managed deployments are especially useful in complex logistical environments requiring a single point of accountability, such as those with multiple PCs distributed among multiple sites with limited storage capacity.
Our comprehensive suite of services and tools span the full range of deployment needs, including:
  • Asset discovery and tracking
  • Application packaging
  • Data and user migration
  • Image management
  • Custom Factory Integration
  • On-site installation
  • Asset Recovery
  • Leasing and Financial Management
  • Training and Communication
Custom Factory Integration
Your organization is unique and often needs to balance the requirements of tailor-made solutions against minimizing costs and disruption. Custom Factory Integration is a logical extension of the Dell build-to-order model—and as a result—unique in the breadth of solutions we can provide. We work with you to develop your required specifications, and once agreed, build your Latitude laptops with no additional lead-time.
Dell offers custom factory integration services to help accelerate your system deployments. We can perform a range of integration tasks in our factory, including:
  • Procuring and installing industry-standard hardware, software, images and applications
  • Creating and applying custom asset tags and reports
  • Consolidating peripheral hardware, documentation and other items in the same box as your system
  • Custom configuring your hardware and software settings
Image Management
Simplify your deployment by outsourcing the tedious work of developing, validating and maintaining images of new systems. Using Dell Image Management Services to configure, test, deploy and maintain images to your specifications enables you to achieve greater platform stability and consistency without compromising control. We offer a variety of image management options to choose from, including cross-platform image builds, patch management and ongoing image maintenance. In addition, we can help safeguard your image for secure backup.
Asset Recovery Services
Fast, affordable, and easy to use, Asset Recovery Services offer safe and environmentally- appropriate disposal solutions for outdated or end-of-life IT assets. This service includes transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, detailed data security and environmental reports at an affordable price.
With Asset Recovery Services, removal options include resale, recycling, return to lease, redeployment, donation or other custom solutions. Key benefits include:
  • Data Security: Helps safeguard confidential information with data overwrite process and/or destroys inoperable hard drives
  • Gain Value: Recovers potential residual value for equipment suitable for resale
  • Environmental Compliance: Disposes old systems in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines
  • Logistics: Includes collection, packaging and transportation costs
Training and Certification
Get more out of your new Latitude laptop with online and instructor-led classes for beginning and advanced users. Get the knowledge and expertise required to install, configure, manage and monitor Dell hardware and networking solutions with Dell Certification programs.
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