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PowerEdge R715 Rack Server
PowerEdge R720 Rack Server
PowerEdge R620 Rack Server
PowerEdge R710 Rack Server
PowerEdge R715 Rack Server
For workload consolidation, virtualization and small to medium databases, the Dell™ PowerEdge™ R715 offers a great balance of processor density, redundancy and value in a two-socket, 2U form factor.
Dell PowerEdge R720 Rack Server
Keep pace with the exponential change of the virtual age using the state-of-the-art feature flexibility of the PowerEdge™ R720.
Dell PowerEdge R620 Rack Server
Maximize computing power without compromise in space-sensitive environments with the Dell PowerEdge™ R620.
PowerEdge R710 Rack Server
The PowerEdge™ R710 is a mainstream Intel® processor-based 2-socket, 2U rack server great for server rooms or corporate data centres and remote sites that require exceptional virtualisation.
PowerEdge R720xd Rack Server
PowerEdge R820 Rack Server
PowerEdge R910 Rack Server
PowerEdge R810 Rack Server
Dell PowerEdge R720xd Rack Server
Easily scale for massive data growth with the excellent storage capacity, memory density and I/O capabilities of the PowerEdge™ R720xd rack server.
Dell PowerEdge R820 Rack Server
Manage data overload and expanding virtual environments with the extreme processing power and massive memory density of the Dell™ PowerEdge™ R820.
PowerEdge R910 Rack Server
The PowerEdge R910 is an Intel processor-based 4-socket, 4U rack server for mission-critical applications in corporate data centers and workloads needing the highest performance, reliability and I/O scalability.
PowerEdge R810 Rack Server
The PowerEdge™ R810 is an Intel processor-based 2 or 4-socket, 2U rack server ideal for usage in data centers and remote sites needing optimal performance and memory scalability for mission-critical applications in an efficient 2U form factor.
PowerEdge R815 Rack Server
PowerEdge R610 Rack Server
PowerEdge R320 Server
PowerEdge R410 Server
PowerEdge R815 Rack Server
Ideal for virtualization and high-performance computing (HPC), the Dell PowerEdge R815 is a four-socket, 2U rack server that offers processor density, redundancy and value in a space-saving form factor.
PowerEdge R610 Rack Server
The PowerEdge R610 is a 2-socket, 1U rack server suited for server rooms or corporate data centers and sites that require exceptional virtualization, systems management and energy efficiency.
PowerEdge R320 Rack Server
Experience enterprise-class features in the rack-optimized 1U PowerEdge™ R320 server — ideal for your core business applications.
PowerEdge R410 Rack Server
The PowerEdge R410 is an Intel processor-based 2-socket, 1U rack server with advanced systems management and redundancy options for small and medium business to larger enterprise business applications, select HPC usage and entry virtualization needs.
Poweredge R210 Server
PowerEdge R310 Server
Dell PowerEdge R415 Rack Server
Dell PowerEdge R515 Rack Server
PowerEdge R210 II Rack Server
Enjoy ultimate flexibility with the compact PowerEdge™ R210 II. Deployable in almost any environment, R210 II has the power you need to run your business and the scalability to help it grow. Share, manage and protect your data, all with one system.
PowerEdge R310 Rack Server
The PowerEdge™ R310 is an Intel® processor-based enterprise-class 1-socket rack server that provides advanced systems management and redundancy options for web, email, SAN proxy, DHCP server, video streaming, security and file/print services.
PowerEdge R415 Rack Server
The PowerEdge R415 is an AMD processor-based two-socket, 1U rack server for small and medium business and data center functions such as IT infrastructure, email, select HPC usage and virtualization needs.
PowerEdge R515 Rack Server
The PowerEdge R515 is an AMD processor-based 2-socket, 2U rack server that is great for department, branch or small business database tasks and business applications with large storage requirements.
PowerEdge R520 Rack Server
PowerEdge R420 Rack Server
PowerEdge R510 Server
PowerEdge R520 Rack Server
Power through data-intensive applications and easily scale for growing utilization with the next-generation PowerEdge™ R520.
PowerEdge R420 Rack Server
Get an energy-efficient, dense 1U server for your applications with the PowerEdge™ R420, featuring next-generation processing and flexible I/O options.
PowerEdge R510 Rack Server
The PowerEdge R510 is an Intel processor-based 2-socket, 2U rack server ideal for department, branch or small business database tasks, email, virtualization, workload consolidation and core business applications with large, local storage needs.

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