Dell Venue Android Smartphone

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Introducing an elegantly designed smartphone with easy access to all your content on a  4.1-inch touch screen.

  • Capture all your most important moments with the 8MP camera
  • Stage software — Organize your music, photos and more so what’s most important to you is always at the front and center and never more than a touch away
  • Android™ 2.2-based smartphone delivers a seamless online experience
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Dell Venue Android Smartphone
Thin, Lightweight Android Smartphone

Style and Substance

Slim. Lightweight. Curved glass. Venue’s ellipse shape was designed to not only look good in your hand, but feel good as well. We added high-quality Corning Gorilla® Glass for extra strength. In addition, the back of the phone is created from a single unbroken surface with a micro pattern that hides fingerprints, smudging and scratches.
4.1 Inch Venue Smartphone with 8MP Camera and Flash 10

Fun Mobile Features

8MP Camera — Capture all your most important moments in perfect clarity with an 8 megapixel camera phone that shows off every detail.
Flash 10 — Get all the benefits of full Flash 10 wherever you go. Optimized for high performance on mobile screens, Flash Player 10 can provide a rich and immersive user experience when you’re surfing the web.
4.1 Inch Dell Venue Touch Phone

Your 4.1 Inch window to the world

Whether you’re browsing the Web, watching videos or flipping through photos from your last vacation on your Venue smartphone, the stunning 4.1-in. WVGA AMOLED, multitouch screen heightens your experience and shows off every detail in brilliant clarity. The large screen also allows for simple navigation of the Stage software, so you can get the latest news, catch your favorite show or download video of your sister crossing the finish line at her marathon without ever skipping a beat.
Venue Touch Screen Smartphone

Your multimedia smartphone

Access your favorite multimedia content and most frequently used apps with a simple touch. Dell Stage organizes your music, photos and more so you always know where everything is. Your most recent content is always in the front and center. It’s all right there, at your fingertips. Learn More >