Dell AX Series SAN Arrays

Dell AX Series SAN Arrays
Dell AX4-5F and AX4-5I
Dell AX4-5F and AX4-5I
Simple and Scalable Storage Consolidation
Shared storage up to 120TB
A customer friendly installation process that helps you deploy your SAN
All the easy to use software you need is bundled with the AX4-5 including Navisphere®  Express and PowerPath® 
Support for both SAS and SATA drive in the same enclosure in the array
Available in either 4 Gbit fibre channel or 1 Gbit iSCSI version
Number of Hosts
Up to 64 servers
Drive Quantity
Up to 60 drives
Expansion Enclosure
2U modular disk array expansion enclosure that can be configured with 12 drives, either SAS or SATA
Storage Capacity
Up to 120TB with SATA Drives
Supported Drive Types
146GB 15K RPM SAS drive
300GB 15K RPM SAS drive
450GB 15K RPM SAS drive
600GB 10K RPM SAS drive
600GB 15K RPM SAS drive
1TB 7.2K RPM SATA II drive
2TB 7.2K RPM SATA II drive
Great For
Organizations buying their first SAN or remote offices in larger organizations
Consolidating the storage for up to 64 servers
Light-to-moderate transaction processing
Large block data transfers
Remote locations
Workgroup applications
Web services
File and print