Laptops, Tablets & Mobile Workstations

windows 8
intel core
LatitudeBest in class performance
latitude laptops
  • Best-in-class performance and durability
  • Scalable design for growing organizations 
  • Integrated docking solutions
Dell TabletsPowerful and Portable
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro features full Windows 8.1 and Intel power for extraordinary battery life
  • Dell Venue 7 and 8 features Android and delivers lightning-fast web browsing
Latitude Rugged SeriesReady for the toughest of environments
Latitude Rugged Series
  • Starting weight 5.52lbs
  • Swappable battery and docking options
  • Environmental testing and certification


Dell PrecisionMobile advanced applications
Dell Precision
  • On-the-go or in-the-office graphics & analysis powerhouse
  • ISV-certified reliability
  • Built on a scalable IT platform
  • Integrated docking


XPSStylish and productive
XPS 12
  • Superior craftsmanship with premium finishes 
  • High performance with cutting edge technology
  • Organization class support