PowerEdge C410x PCIe Expansion Chassis

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Adds up to 16.48 Teraflops of Computational Power to your Data Center


The PowerEdge™ C410x is a 3U, 16-slot external PCI Express (PCIe) expansion chassis that can support up to eight host connections to up to 16 graphics processing unit (GPU) cards. This enables massive parallel calculations separate from the server, greatly enhancing system performance and flexibility.

  • Enhance capabilities without adding servers.
  • Boost performance for faster results.
  • Save space, weight and cost while increasing density.

PowerEdge C410X PCIe Expansion Chassis





PowerEdge C Series HPC Solution

PowerEdge C410x - Extreme Number Cruncher

Extreme Number Cruncher

By populating the PowerEdge™ C410x with GPU PCIe cards, you can turn your servers into computing powerhouses that can satisfy your never-ending quest for customizable speed.

  • Up to 16.48 teraflops — x16 PCIe lanes allocated to a host interface connection means up to 16,480 gigaflops of parallel calculating power at your disposal.
  • First with the most — The PowerEdge C410x is the first PCIe enclosure of its kind with up to 16 slots in one chassis.
  • Multiple configurations — Mix and match PCIe devices to set the right ratio for maximum application performance.

The PowerEdge C410x PCIe expansion chassis is qualified for NVIDIA® Tesla™ compute modules, as well as for use with the PowerEdge C6100 server.

Easy to own and operate

The PowerEdge™ C410x PCIe expansion chassis is designed to concentrate tremendous computer power in a simple, scalable format that brings improved space-, weight- and cost-efficiency to your data center.

PowerEdge C410x - Compact Package
Compact package
The PowerEdge C410x is a 3U expansion chassis designed to save space and weight.
PowerEdge C410x - Intuitive monitoring
Intuitive monitoring
A dedicated Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) management port notifies you of voltage and temperature variations and any other system issues that may need attention.
PowerEdge C410x - Uninterrupted service
Uninterrupted service
Hot-add PCIe slots, hot-pluggable fans and redundant power supplies stretch system uptime and enable on-the-fly servicing.


  • 3U rack mount

PCI Express (PCIe) Modules

  • Up to 16 available slots, 10 front, 6 rear x16 slots

PCIe Form Factors

  • Half-height/half-length and full-height/half-length, up to 225W per module passively cooled PCIe modules are only available with cards installed.

PCIe Inputs

  • 8 PCIe 2.0 x 16 iPASS ports

PCIe Cards Supported

  • NVIDIA® Tesla™ M2075, M2090, K10 and K20


  • On-board BMC
    IPMI 2.0
    Dedicated management port


    • 4 x 1400W hot-plug, high-efficiency power supplies
    • N + 1 power supply redundancy
    • Maximum draw of 3600W


  • Shared redundant cooling with high-efficiency hot-plug 92mm fans

Host Interface Card (HIC)

  • NVIDIA single-port HIC
    Note: NVIDIA dual-port HIC not supported on the PowerEdge C6100 due to card form factor

Host Interface Card (HIC) Form Factor

    • Low profile, PCIe x 16 Gen 2, single port
    • 6.6” x 2.713”
    • 9.74W per HIC

Cable Options

  • 2.0m iPASS cable

Validated Host Platforms

  • PowerEdge C6145 and C6220
    Note: Other PowerEdge servers that support/qualify the NVIDIA HIC single port card could support the PowerEdge C410x with spread spectrum clocking turned off.


    • IT Consulting Services
    • Rack Integration (U.S. only)
    • Server and Storage Deployment
    • Support Services
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