Frequently Asked Questions about Stage Remote

Q: What is Stage Remote?
Stage Remote is a program that allows streaming of content from one PC to another device. The destination device can be another PC, a TV, gaming system or speakers.

Q: What does Stage Remote do for me?
Stage Remote makes it easier to enjoy the content you have without the need to physically move the files from one PC to the destination device. The content is “borrowed” (streamed) for viewing or listening.
For example, you can watch a movie on your downstairs TV or PC even though you downloaded to your all-in-one desktop upstairs.

Q: Are there any limitations to what devices I can use with Stage Remote?
Devices must support DLNA in order for Stage Remote. Also, this is offered on select Dell PC and mobile devices only.

Q: How do I get Stage Remote?
PC customers should accept auto-updates to their Stage software. By doing so, Stage Remote will be added. Mobile/phone customers will need to visit the Android market to download a copy of the application.