Q: What devices can I not sync by using SyncUP?
A: iOS (iPhones, iPod, iPad 1/iPad 2, iTouch) and Mac OS (MacBooks, Mac Book Pros) products are NOT supported. WebOS-based phones (HP and Palm) are not supported as well. All Windows-based phones are not supported

Q: What limitations are there for online storage?
Your SyncUP account comes standard with 2GB of on-line memory storage capacity. You will be able to purchase more memory in 5, 25, and 100GB increments. Viewing, downloading and sharing (via e-mail) cloud content from any PC or device requires access to web browser and connection to the internet.

Q: What are limitations to speed/data transmission?
Your internet connection speed or Wi-Fi transmission rate will dictate how quickly your data syncs.

Q: Are SyncUP and Stage Remote using DLNA technology the same?
No, SyncUP actually moves the “bits” from one device to another such that the “bits” reside in two places. Stage Remote only streams content to another device; the actual “bits” remain on the original device.