Q: Why do I need a SyncUP account? Can I use SyncUP without an account?
You need a SyncUP account in order to set-up and begin using your SyncUP network. You will not be able to establish a SyncUP network without an account.

Q: What steps do I take to set up my SyncUP network?
: Steps for setting up your SyncUP network are outlined below. For additional information, visit the SyncUP site at to view a tutorial video on the process.

Set-up/Login - Account Creation

  1. Make sure that all systems that you want to be included in your SyncUP network are connected to your Wi-Fi network and have internet access.
  2. Select the “Login” tab from the Browsing Menu. If you’re a first time user, then select the “Create Account” option. The Account Set Up screen will appear.
  3. From there, you will be prompted for pertinent information. Enter the requested data: email address, name, country, password and character verification entries.
  4. You will then receive a confirmation email at the email address you entered. From that email, click on the link to confirm the account and you will then be ready to begin the SyncUP network set-up process.
Note: The computer that you use to begin the set-up process will be designated as the “master” computer. This designation is necessary for versioning and file management purposes.PC to PC Sync

  1. Select “PC Sharing” from the left side of the SyncUP application.
  2. In order to sync, both/all computers must have the SyncUP client software installed on them. After you’ve logged in or createing your account, you will be given the option to install SyncUP on another computer to add it to your network. You must be logged in to both/all computers to initiate the set-up process.
  3. Once the SyncUP client software is installed on all computers and you have logged into them, all the computers will be visible to the others on the SyncUP user interface.
  4. Open folders and directories that hold the files that you want to sync and simply drag and drop them on the computers that are visible on your SyncUP network.
  5. From the Settings screen, you will be able to select automatic sync or select folders to be synced and folders to where you want synced data stored.

PC to Cloud (Online Storage) Sync

  1. Select “My Online Storage”.
  2. Log in to your online account by entering your previously entered login data. You must login to your online storage even if you are logged in to the SyncUP application via your master computer.
  3. Your online storage account will now be available. Observe it listed on the left side of the SyncUP interface.
  4. Begin syncing files to your online storage account by dragging and dropping them from the libraries you select. Do not to exceed the 2GB standard storage limit or the amount to which you upgraded.
  5. When you exit the cloud, all your files will be updated and visible on your online storage account

PC to Mobile (Dell Android Phone) Sync

  1. Make sure that the SyncUP application is installed on your mobile device and that you have logged-in. You can do this by accepting the web update to upgrade your sync software.
  2. Connect your mobile device to your Wi-Fi network so that it appears on the device section of your master computer.
  3. Create a playlist for music or an album for videos and photos.
  4. Select “Sync Options” from the SyncUP UI and then select the playlist(s) and/or album(s) that you want to sync.
  5. Click “Sync” and the files will begin the transfer process as indicated by the sync progress bar located in the lower left-hand portion of the application screen. - To sync files from your Dell Android Phone back to your PC, select “Import Options”, select the files that you wish to transfer, then click “OK”, then “Import”.

Q: How do I customize my SyncUP settings?
A: You can customize your SyncUP settings after you set-up your SyncUP account. You’ll have the opportunity to choose how and when to sync and what files to sync after the set-up process.

Q: How do I access my SyncUP software?
A: SyncUP is accessible via a Stage tile (PC), the Start Menu within the Microsoft Operating system, and Dell Welcome (one-time access in the “Getting Started” section).

Q: I just got my Dell PC with SyncUP but do not know how to set it up. What steps should I take?
A: There is no set-up required, just accept the end-user license agreement and begin the process of setting up your SyncUP account (insert link to “How To” video).

Q: I just got a new Dell Android phone and would like to add it to my existing SyncUP network. How do I this?
A: Ensure that your Dell Android phone or mobile device (Streak 5/7) is on the same WiFi network as the other PCs to which you want to sync. From your Dell Android or mobile device, launch the SyncUP application and choose to connect to your SyncUP network (insert link to “How To” video).

Q: Can I install this SW on non-Dell PCs?
Yes. The PC must be running Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or Windows® 7 OS and must meet the hardware requirements (see next question). The PC must also be part of the home WiFi network.

Q: Are there hardware requirements or compatibility limitations to adding a device to my SyncUP network?
System Requirements  Note

Q: Does SyncUP automatically sync files between devices in my network?
Yes. Every me your device gets reconnected to your Wi-Fi network, the sync process gets initiated.