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Software Migration Manager for PSTs
Dell Software - Migration Manager for Exchange
Software MessageStats
Software Spotlight on Messaging
Migration Manager for PSTs
Cut the risk of data loss while complying with retention policies and reducing migration times.

Migration Manager for Exchange
Conduct a seamless migration to Exchange 2010/2013 or Office 365™ (Exchange Online).

Prepare for Exchange migrations, determine Lync® usage and enhance operational efficiency.

Spotlight on Messaging
Easily perform real-time diagnostics and resolve problems with Spotlight™ on Messaging.

Software OnDemand Migration for Email
Software Migrator for Notes to Exchange
Software Coexistence Manager for GroupWise
Software Change Auditor for Exchange
On Demand Migration for Email
Securely migrate users and data to Office 365™, on-premises Exchange or hosted Exchange email platforms.

Migrator for Notes to Exchange
Preserve the integrity of your users’ mailboxes and ensure a seamless and accurate migration from Lotus Notes.

Coexistence Manager for GroupWise
Maintain business productivity with interoperability between GroupWise and Exchange, Office 365 and hosted Exchange.

Change Auditor for Exchange
Track, audit, report and alert on Microsoft® Exchange Server configuration and permission changes in real time.

Software Archive Manager
Dell Software - Migrator for GroupWise
Dell Software - Collaboration Services
Dell Software - Coexistence Manager for Notes
Archive Manager
Capture, retain, discover and explore your Exchange email system.

Migrator for GroupWise
Streamline and accelerate the Exchange transition process to mitigate the risk of data loss.

Collaboration Services
Real-time Global Address Lists (GALs) and Free/Busy synchronization for organizations with multiple Exchange instances.

Coexistence Manager for Notes
Achieve seamless, secure user collaboration with Coexistence Manager for Notes.