Oracle Database Management

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Software Toad Data Point
Software Toad DBA Suite for Oracle
Software Stat for PeopleSoft
Software Toad Data Modeler
Toad Data Point
Simplify data access, analysis, and provisioning with Toad™ Data Point.

Toad DBA Suite for Oracle
Automate maintenance, ensure optimal performance, and mitigate the risk of change.

Stat for PeopleSoft
Get increased visibility into – and control over – the application change process.

Toad Data Modeler
Easily deploy accurate changes to data structures across more than 20 different platforms.

Software Toad for Oracle
Software Toad Multi-DB Suite
Software Toad Development Suite for Oracle
Software Toad Extension for Eclipse
Toad for Oracle
Boost efficiency and accuracy with the functionality, automation and workflow that Toad® for Oracle delivers.

Toad Multi-DB Suite
Multi-platform productivity tools that maximize your platform investments and minimize your learning curve.

Toad Development Suite for Oracle
Ensure you’re employing PL/SQL development best practices.

Toad Extension for Eclipse
This free Eclipse plug-in enables you to seamlessly work with Oracle databases without multiple tools.

Software Stat for Oracle E-Business Suite
Software JClass DesktopViews
Software JClass ServerViews
Software Benchmark Factory for Databases
Stat for Oracle E-Business Suite
Get a powerful tool that ensures complete change management for your Oracle environment — no matter what version.

JClass DesktopViews
Build powerful application interfaces in Java with JClass™ DesktopViews.

JClass ServerViews
JClass ServerViews enables you to save valuable time on sophisticated data presentation, leaving you with more time to focus on building the business.

Benchmark Factory for Databases
Conduct database workload replay, industry-standard benchmark testing, and scalability testing with ease.

Software Foglight Performance Analysis for Oracle
Software Space Manager with LiveReorg
Software SQL Optimizer for Oracle
Software NetVault Bare Metal Recovery
Foglight Performance Analysis for Oracle
Get granular information without running SQL Trace, and understand and resolve complicated bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Space Manager with LiveReorg
Enables you to reorganize Oracle data, optimize I/O performance and maximize database capacity.

SQL Optimizer for Oracle
Detect and analyze problems directly from running SQL statements, PL/SQL or other source code.

NetVault Bare Metal Recovery
Quickly restore servers after failure even without a functioning operating system.

Software SharePlex
Achieve availability, scalability and data integration with high-speed replication from Oracle® to Oracle and Oracle to other databases — such as SQL Server®, Hadoop® and SAP® Adaptive Server Enterprise® (ASE).