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Software Quick Apps for SharePoint
Software Migrator for Notes to SharePoint
Software Site Administrator for SharePoint
Software Recovery Manager for SharePoint
Quick Apps for SharePoint
Free up your SharePoint development resources, and satisfy business requirements without costly custom coding.

Migrator for Notes to SharePoint
Enable quick migration of IBM® Lotus Notes®, QuickPlace/Quickr® and Domino® applications to SharePoint.

Site Administrator for SharePoint
Increase visibility into your environment in order to streamline daily management and reduce the time and resources required.

Recovery Manager for SharePoint
Simplify and accelerate granular and disaster-level SharePoint restores with powerful functionality.

Software Content Migrator for SharePoint
Software Change Auditor for SharePoint
Software Migration Suite for SharePoint
Software Enterprise Reporter for Windows Servers
Content Migrator for SharePoint
Installs in minutes to empower site owners to move and classify content without risk to your environment.

Change Auditor for SharePoint
Change Auditor for SharePoint tracks, audits, reports and alerts on changes to SharePoint in real time.

Migration Suite for SharePoint
Eliminate the risks of downtime and data loss with Migration Suite for SharePoint.

Enterprise Reporter for Windows Servers
Gain visibility into critical IT configurations using complete audits to ensure compliance with regulations.