Computadoras OptiPlex 580


Computadora OptiPlex 580

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OptiPlex 580 Desktop
OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Advancing Productivity Every Day

Advancing Productivity Every Day

Reliable, stable and secure, the OptiPlex™ 580 is designed to maximize your organization's potential while providing employees with essential tools to get the job done right. With three available chassis designs, you can find solutions that best suit space and budgetary needs.

Windows 7 Professional

  • With the choice of AMD Athlon™ II and Phenom™ II processors, the OptiPlex 580 provides outstanding performance and value.  
  • Support for up to 16GB of 1066MHz double data rate 3 (DDR3) memory* for fast, power-efficient performance and easy multitasking.*
  • Standard ATI™ Radeon™ HD 4200 Graphics with the AMD 785G Chipset for advanced performance on graphics applications and high-definition (HD) video.*
  • Simultaneous integrated and discrete video options for a low cost option for quad-monitor support, using both analog (VGA) and digital (DVI) ports along with a single graphics card. Additional dual-discrete-graphics options can help increase quad-monitor performance even further.


Easy to Monitor and Manage

Designed to deliver uncompromised performance for end users and IT professionals alike, the OptiPlex™ 580 provides capabilities that allow an organization to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Broadcom® TruManage™ technology allows IT to monitor and maintain the OptiPlex 580 remotely, helping to minimize user downtime and schedule patches and updates during "off peak" hours.
  • Optional Dell™ Image Management* and Dell™ ProManage* services can help lower costs while expanding the services and capabilities of your organizational IT staff.
  • The 20-month lifecycle can reduce cost and complexity normally associated with system recertification. Additional service and support options can further extend product lifecycle.
  • Toolless chassis design can help ease serviceability, while DirectDetect troubleshooting LEDs enable quick diagnosis of hardware issues.

Security You Can Trust

The OptiPlex 580 provides IT with multiple security options both inside and outside of the system chassis:

OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Integrated Trusted Platform Module
Integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 security provides hardware-level protection of data and passwords.
OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Secure Critical Data
Secure critical data with optional full-disk-encryption (FDE) drives or solid-state drives, and choose optional ProSupport Certified Data Destruction* and ProSupport Hard Drive Data Recovery* services for additional layers of data security.
OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Chassis Intrusion Switch
Optional chassis intrusion switch helps to protect data and the system.

Energy-Efficient Design, Environmental Responsibility

With its energy-efficient, environmentally conscious design, the OptiPlex 580 reflects potential benefits to your operations and your bottom line.

OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Energy-Efficient Design, Environmental Responsibility
OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Energy Smart Power
The OptiPlex 580 offers Dell Energy Smart power settings and optional high-efficiency power supplies on select configurations. The Dell Client Energy Savings Calculator also lets you estimate energy usage for multiple customized OptiPlex systems.
OptiPlex 580 Desktop - ENERGY STAR 5.0 Standards
As an ENERGY STAR-compliant partner, Dell has designed select configurations of the OptiPlex 580 to comply with ENERGY STAR 5.0 standards for energy efficiency.
OptiPlex 580 Desktop - EPEAT® Gold Rating
Select configurations of the OptiPlex 580 qualify for an EPEAT® Gold rating. Gold is the highest standard in the Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool (EPEAT), a set of performance criteria for evaluating electronic products' environmental attributes in both public and private sectors.


  • AMD 785G


  • Broadcom 5761 Ethernet LAN 10/100/1000 integrada
    Tarjeta WLAN Broadcom® 1505 PCIe (802.11 N) opcional

Puertos, ranuras y chasis

  • Puertos E/S estándar

    MT, DT, SFF
    8 puertos externos USB 2.0 (2 frontales/6 traseros); 1 serial; 1 RJ-45; 1 VGA; 1 Display Port; 1 eSATA; 2 entradas de línea (estéreo/micrófono); 2 salidas de línea (auriculares/parlantes)

    Opciones de chasis


    (alto x ancho x profundidad)
    16,1 x 7,4 x 17,0 /
    (40,8 x 18,7 x 43,3)
    Peso (lb/kg)
    25,8 / 11,7
    Cantidad de compartimientos
    2 internos de 3,5"
    1 externo de 3,5"
    2 externos de 5,25"
    Ranuras de expansión
    1 PCIe x16 de altura completa
    1 PCIe x16 de altura completa (enrutada como x4)
    2 PCI de altura completa
    Ranuras DIMM
    Unidad de fuente de alimentación (PSU)
    PSU estándar de 305 W o PSU opcional de 255 W con un 88% de eficiencia; cumple con la norma Energy Star 5.0 (determinadas configuraciones), PFC activa


    (alto x ancho x profundidad)
    13,9 x 4,5 x 15,7 /
    (35,3 x 11,4 x 39,9)
    Peso (lb/kg)
    18,2 / 8,26
    Cantidad de compartimientos
    1 interno de 3,5"
    1 externo de 3,5"
    1 externo de 5,25"
    Ranuras de expansión
    1 PCIe x16 de perfil bajo
    1 PCIe x16 de perfil bajo (enrutada como x4)
    1 PCI de perfil bajo
    Ranuras DIMM
    Unidad de fuente de alimentación (PSU)
    PSU estándar de 255 W o PSU opcional de 255 W con un 88% de eficiencia; cumple con la norma Energy Star 5.0 (determinadas configuraciones), PFC activa


    (alto x ancho x profundidad)
    12,4 x 3,65 x 13,4 /
    (31,4 x 9,26 x 34,0)
    Peso (lb/kg)
    15,0 / 6,8
    Cantidad de compartimientos
    2 internos de 3,5"
    1 externo de 3,5" (delgado)
    1 externo de 5,25" (delgado)
    Ranuras de expansión
    1 PCIe x16 de perfil bajo
    1 PCIe x16 de perfil bajo (enrutada como x4)
    Ranuras DIMM
    Unidad de fuente de alimentación (PSU)
    PSU estándar de 235 W o PSU opcional de 235 W con un 88% de eficiencia; cumple con la norma Energy Star 5.0 (determinadas configuraciones), PFC activa

    Opciones de periféricos

    G-Series y estándar básico de Dell y analógicos de pantalla plana y ancha:
    Dell G2210, G2410, E170S, E190S, E1709W, E1909WDD, E1910H, E1910, E2010H, E2009W, E2210H, E2210, E2310H

    Estándar digital profesional de Dell y de pantalla plana y ancha:
    Dell P170S, P190S, 1909W, 2009W, P2010H, P2210H, P2210, P2310H

    Estándar digital UltraSharpTM de Dell y de pantalla plana y ancha, con base ajustable:
    Dell 1907FPV, 2007FP, 2209WA, U2410

    Teclado con entrada USB de Dell, teclado QuietKey™ de Dell, teclado multimedia Pro de Dell

    Mouse Dell USB óptico, mouse Dell láser

    Parlantes de audio:
    Parlantes de computadora AX210 2.0 y AY410 2.1 de Dell, parlantes de barra de sonido AX510 y AX510PA de Dell


  • Monitors:
    Dell G-Series and Entry Standard and Widescreen Flat Panel Analog:
    Dell G2210, G2410, E170S, E190S, E1709W, E1909WDD, E1910H, E1910, E2010H, E2009W, E2210H, E2210, E2310H

    Dell Professional Digital Standard and Widescreen Flat Panel:
    Dell P170S, P190S, 1909W, 2009W, P2010H, P2210H, P2210, P2310H

    Dell UltraSharpTM Digital Standard and Widescreen Flat Panel, Adjustable Stand:
    Dell 1907FPV, 2007FP, 2209WA, U2410

    Dell USB Entry Keyboard, Dell QuietKeyTM Keyboard, Dell Multimedia Pro Keyboard

    Dell USB Optical Mouse, Dell Laser Mouse

    Audio Speakers:
    Internal Dell Business audio speaker, Dell AX210 2.0 and AY410 2.1 Desktop Speakers; Dell AX510 and AX510PA Sound Bar Speakers


  • Módulo de plataforma confiable (TPM) 1.2, sin TPM (sólo en determinados países)
    Dell ControlPoint
    Admite bucle de bloqueo y ranura de bloqueo de chasis
    Conmutador de intrusiones del chasis opcional
    Contraseña de configuración/BIOS
    Seguridad de interfaz de E/S
    Teclados con lectores de tarjetas inteligentes
    Compatibilidad del BIOS para CompuTrace® opcional

Administración de sistemas

  • Preparada para Broadcom TruManage™


  • Estándares medioambientales

    Normas medioambientales (etiquetas ecológicas):
    ENERGY STAR® 5.0 (en determinadas configuraciones), EPEAT Gold (en determinadas configuraciones), CECP, TCO 05, WEEE, Energy Law de Japón, CES, Green PC de Japón, FEMP, Eco-label de Corea del Sur, RoHS de la UE, RoHS de China

    Otras opciones medioambientales:
    Configuración de Dell Energy Smart (en determinadas configuraciones), compensación de carbono, reciclado de sistemas (servicio de recuperación de activos)

    Conformidad con regulaciones y normas medioambientales

    Modelo reglamentario (Minitower): D08M
    Tipo reglamentario (Minitower): D08M001
    Modelo reglamentario (computadora): D04D
    Tipo reglamentario (computadora): D04D001
    Modelo reglamentario (factor de forma pequeño): D02S
    Tipo reglamentario (factor de forma pequeño): D02S001
    Especificaciones de seguridad del producto, especificaciones EMC y especificaciones ambientales (en inglés)
    Página de inicio de cumplimiento de regulaciones de Dell (en inglés)
    Dell y el medio ambiente (en inglés)


    305W Standard PSU or optional 255W 88% Efficient PSU; Energy Star 5.0 compliant (select configurations), Active PFC

    255W Standard PSU or optional 255W 88% Efficient PSU; Energy Star 5.0 compliant (select configurations), Active PFC

    235W Standard PSU or optional 235W 88% Efficient PSU; Energy Star 5.0 compliant (select configurations), Active PFC


  • Garantía limitada de hardware; garantía estándar de servicio in situ al siguiente día laborable después del diagnóstico remoto por tres años (3-3-3); ProSupport™ de Dell para TI por tres años opcional; opciones de servicio y garantía extendida por 4 y 5 años

Dell ProSupport — Designed to address the technology challenges you face today.

Dell ProSupport™ starts with the Dell ProSupport for IT service model designed for IT professionals like you. Dell ProSupport for IT provides:
  • 7x24 Direct access to Dell Expert Centers
  • Fast-track dispatch for Dell-certified technicians
  • Escalation management through Dell’s Global Command Centers
Next, Dell ProSupport Options align to the way you use technology — rapidly responding to your needs, protecting your investment, your productivity and your sensitive data, and providing enhanced proactive support services to help reduce the risk and complexity of managing your infrastructure.

Mission Critical 4-Hour On-site Service With 6-Hour Hardware Repair — Priority on-site service to get you back up and running fast

Specialized On-site Options
 — Allows you to augment your daily IT management or tap into specific technical expertise for critical projects when needed. Recommended options for notebooks include:

  • On-site Parts Management to help minimize downtime by having parts at your fingertips.
  • On-site Personnel to augment your IT staff.
  • On-site Diagnosis for accelerated troubleshooting.
Asset Management and Protection
  • Accidental Damage Protection repairs or replaces accidentally damaged systems

Data Management and Protection

  • Keep Your Hard Drive helps you retain control of sensitive data
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery provides unlimited attempts to recover data from a failed hard drive
  • Certified Data Destruction wipes your hard drive clean and destroys data


Enterprise-Wide Contract — Provides enhanced proactive capabilities through:
  • Designated Service Delivery Manager
  • Performance benchmarking and custom reporting
  • Planning and assessments
Proactive Maintenance — Maximizes the availability and stability of your infrastructure proactively. The package includes a detailed system assessment and implementation of driver or firmware updates and upgrades for your server or storage systems.

Remote Advisory Options — Provides telephone and internet access to technical expertise for specialized applications and solutions such as Microsoft® Exchange, Virtualization and more.

Don’t have an IT staff?

Dell ProSupport for End Users is designed for organizations with limited or no dedicated IT staff. End users receive 24x7 direct break-fix hardware support plus “how-to” support on popular software applications such as Norton AntiVirus™, Microsoft® Office, Microsoft® Small Business Server, Intuit® QuickBooks®, Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Acrobat®. To purchase Dell ProSupport for end users, please contact your Dell Sales Representative.

Customization and Setup

Deployment Services
Our end-to-end deployment services are designed to simplify and accelerate the customization and utilization of your new systems. Dell Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources.
Learn more

Managed Deployment
Dell Managed Deployment Services are for customers who need a complete, end-to-end deployment solution. Managed deployments are useful within complex logistical environments which require a single point of contact.
Learn more
Learn more

Hardware Customization (CFI)
Dell offers hardware customization services to help accelerate your system deployments. We can perform a range of services such as custom configuration, consolidation and integration in our factory so that you can deploy your systems right out of the box.
Learn more

ImageDirect is a web-based, hosted image management service that enables customers to easily create, manage and load custom images for Dell commercial client systems.

Intel® AMT and Intel® vPro™ Support
For Intel® AMT and Intel® vPro™ customers, new deployment service options such as unique password prepopulation, preconfigured management settings and no-touch deployment can help ease deployment concerns while saving time and money.

Advanced Configuration Services
With advanced configuration services (ACS), you can save time and resources by selecting various settings during the purchase process. You can choose to partition your hard drive; select boot order; change BIOS settings; and modify various standard software configuration settings.

Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services
Asset Recovery Services offers safe and environmentally appropriate disposal solutions for outdated or end-of-life IT assets. This service includes transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, detailed data security and environmental reports at an affordable price.

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