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PowerEdge Tower Servers

About PowerEdge Tower Servers

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    National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) creates an open-sourced, high-performance science cloud


    Australian research organization launches new open-source science cloud platform and supports nationwide research efforts with an infrastructure powered by Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell Networking switches built on an OpenStack platform.

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    Solution Brief: Bring new efficiency to healthcare IT with the Dell PowerEdge VRTX


    Healthcare service providers require IT solutions that can ensure robust interoperability among electronic health record (EHR) and other specialized systems across departments or organizations. The Dell PowerEdge VRTX offers an innovative approach to healthcare IT that can help deliver high operational efficiency, scalability and versatility.

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PowerEdge T110 II Tower Server
PowerEdge T20 Tower Server
PowerEdge T320 Tower Server
PowerEdge T420 Tower Server
PowerEdge T110 II Tower Server
Excellent first server for small businesses, the PowerEdge T110 II excels at productivity and collaboration applications, file sharing and data protection.
PowerEdge T20 Mini Tower Server
Boost collaboration in your home or small office with a quiet, compact server that helps all users get organized, share information more efficiently and become more productive
PowerEdge 12G T320 Tower Server
Deliver reliable performance for your core business applications with the robust flexibility of the PowerEdge™ T320 tower server.
PowerEdge 12G T420 Tower Server
Help deliver robust performance, scalability and reliability to your organization with the ample power, memory and I/O bandwidth of the PowerEdge™ T420 tower.
PowerEdge T620
12G PowerEdge T620 Tower Server
Process everything quickly with the PowerEdge™ T620 tower server: high performance and enterprise availability with built-in room for growth.

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