2350d / 2350dn Dell Laser Printer Knowledge Base Resource Library

2350d / 2350dn Dell Laser Printer Knowledge Base Resource Library

Table of Contents:

  1. Service tag and express service code
  2. Warranty status and system info
  3. Documents and downloads
  4. Printer installation and setup
  5. Installing optional accessories
  6. Routine printer maintenance
  7. Troubleshooting printer issues

This article provides convenient links to recommended knowledge base articles for Dell 2350d and 2350dn laser printers

Service Tag and Express Service Code

Dell laser printers are uniquely identified by their service tag and express service code.

Information on service tags and express service codes.

The service tag on your 2350d or 2350dn is located on the upper left of the toner bay. This sticker also gives the express service code

The printer is shown with the front door open. A white sticker above and to the left of the toner 
is highlighted.

The tag is also printed on the rear of the system

The printer is shown from the rear. On the right of the back cover a white sticker is highlighted.

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Warranty status and system info

Enter your service tag into our product selector to view your warranty entitlements and system information.

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Documents and downloads

Download a user guide for your printer.

Download the latest driver and firmware updates.

Download Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

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Printer installation and setup

Installing printer drivers:

Related Articles:

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Installing optional accessories

Install a 550 sheet feeder

Install additional memory

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Routine printer maintenance

Loading print media

Print media guidelines
Buy toner online
Replace the toner cartridge
Replace the imaging drum
Recycle old cartridges
Update the firmware

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Troubleshooting printer issues

Paper feed issues:

Print quality issues:

Error messages:

Other issues:

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