The PowerEdge Server Operating System Support Library

The PowerEdge Server Operating System Support Library

.............The Operating System Library


Welcome to the Operating System Library. Here you will find all the resources you'll need for Operating systems and PowerEdge servers, whether it be Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux, VMWare ESXi or any other Operating system. We will cover both what OS' are supported, how to install them and should something go wrong, how to troubleshoot and fix it, including how to gather system logs and open a support request with Dell support.

Microsoft Windows

Redhat Enterprise Linux


SUSE Linux

Supported Operating Systems

The Dell PowerEdge servers supports a number of operating systems, including the main ones like Windows, Red Hat and ESXi. And you can of course install any other operating system as well, but Dell can not guarantee that the operating system will work or support it if it is not oficially supported. What is supported could also vary depending on the model of server you have.

To know if your operating system is supported you can check out our OS support matix

Please also keep in mind that Dell are only able to assist with OS related issues if the OS was purchased directly from Dell with the server and an OEM license (A license tied to the specific server and service tag). If you have a full retail license or have purchased the OS from another Vendor, it will be the OS manufactorer that can assist you with any OS queries.

OS Failure and Resolution

Video Archive Operating System related videos

  • Find a collection of Operating System related videos for your PowerEdge servers in the OS Video Archive.

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