Inspiron 15 (3542), 14 (3442), 17 (5748) Running Windows 10 may not Shutdown, Resume From Hibernate, Sleep or not Power on

Inspiron 15 (3542), 14 (3442), 17 (5748) Running Windows 10 may not Shutdown, Resume From Hibernate, Sleep or not Power on

Owners of the Inspiron 15 (3542) / 14 (3442) / 17 (5748) running Windows 10, may experience a situation where after 2 or more hours of idle time, their computer will become unresponsive after going into sleep, hibernate or the computer shuts itself off. The computer will not respond to repeated presses of the power button to start the computer and there is no visual indication that the computer is powered on.

This issue occurs due to an Intel Management Engine Firmware version that must be updated for the computer to function properly with the Windows 10 Intel Management Engine driver that is installed on the computer. The current driver and firmware combination can cause a condition in the computer shutdown process that does not allow the computer to fully power down. The computer then can no longer respond to power events such as pressing the power button.

Short Term Recovery/Work Around:
To recover the computer to normal operation, hold down the power button for at least 15 seconds and then release. Press the power button again and the computer should power on normally. If the computer does not power on, remove the battery and reinstall it, If the battery has been depleted and cannot start the computer connect the AC adapter to charge the battery.
NOTE: For more information on how to remove the battery, browse to the Inspiron 3542 Online Manual Page, and click Inspiron 15 3542 Owner's Manual. Refer to the Removing the Battery and Replacing the Battery sections.

Long Term Solution:
Dell has published an update and it is available for direct download from: Application for Intel Haswell ME FW v9.5.55.1948 update. For more information on installing the update, either follow the installation instructions on the update page or refer the Dell Knowledge Base article How to Download and Install a Driver
NOTE: Dell recommends that this update be installed as soon as possible to ensure reliable computer operation.

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Last Date Modified: 08/01/2018 01:07 PM

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