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Why my Chromebook-11 3120 or Chromebook-13 7310 will not power on?

This article provides the information on "Why the Chromebook-11 3120 or Chromebook-13 7310 will not charge/power on".

Chromebook 3120 charging/Power Issues.

Dell has received reports that the Chromebook-11 3120 or Chromebook-13 7310 systems may not charge the system battery or power on.

This issue is currently under investigation by Dell Engineering and these initial conclusions have been determined:

  • Certain USB devices link the +5 Volt connection and one of the other USB contact together triggering the Over Voltage Protection (OVP) to engage to protect the system from Damage.
  • These USB devices that could cause this to happen:
    • USB Power Packs
    • iPhones
    • Other Cell Phones
    • Bluetooth speakers
    • Tablets
    • Any other device that has a battery that needs to be charged
  • Its possible that any device that has a battery, that needs to be charged, could potently cause this issue, when plugged in to the USB 2.0 port on the right side of the system. (EG: Cell phone, Bluetooth speaker or a Tablet).

Dell Engineering is working on a final solution to prevent this issue from occurring, until then, use the workaround below to resolve and prevent the issue from occurring.


So far, issue is only seen on the right side USB port (USB 2.0) on the Chromebook-11 3120 and Chromebook 7310 (See images below).

7310 Left View

Charging USB device using the Left side USB 3.0 port is the recommended solution to this issue (See images below).

7310 Right View

Since the left USB port is BC1.2 (Battery Charge). It’s designed for USB-powered portable equipment which needs a smart method for determining the appropriate amount of power to draw for both normal operation and charging.

Battery Charging 1.2 Compliance , what is it?

At home, in the car, or plugged into a computer, USB-powered portable equipment needs a smart method for determining the appropriate amount of power to draw for both normal operation and charging.

Due to the huge variety of portable devices, differences in USB ports, and complicated nature of rechargeable batteries, the USB Battery Charging Specification Revision 1.2 was developed.

It is a critical standard for establishing the proper way to charge a battery from a USB port. You can find additional information on this subject from this: USB Battery Charging 1.2 Compliance Plan.

Chromebook 3120 BC 1.2 information can be found in Table 6 of these links: or

Reset after over volt protection trips.

If the system has already encountered this issue and the over-volt protection has tripped, the steps below should resolve the issue:

  1. With the system power off, disconnect the AC Adapter to prevent damage to the system.
  2. Turn the system over on a protected surface to prevent scratches to the cover and remove the 7 screws holding the bottom cover in place. This will give you access to the system battery.

  3. Unplug battery power connection from motherboard (The connector plug moves out horizontally toward the battery). Wait 15 seconds then reconnect the battery power connection to the motherboard connector. This should restore the system to normal operating mode.

    Chromebook-11 3120 battery connection

    Chromebook-13 7310 battery connection
  4. Re-install the bottom cover & screws.
  5. Turn the system over and then re-connect the AC power adapter to the system.

To prevent the issue from re-occurring, only plug these type of USB devices into the USB 3.0 port on the left side of the system.

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