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Dell PowerVault 124T Medium Changer Not Found by LSI2032 Windows® 2003 Storport Driver

Article Summary: This article provides information on "A Windows® 2003 Server with an LSI2032 U320 SCSI add-in controller may not discover the medium changer of an attached PowerVault 124T. This article provides a workaround."

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Microsoft® Windows® 2003 Server with
an LSI2032 U320 SCSI Add-In Controller May Not Discover the Medium Changer

A Windows® 2003 Server with an LSI2032 U320 SCSI add-in controller may not discover the medium changer of an attached PowerVault 124T.
This problem has only been seen with the VS160 variant of the PV 124T.

The 124T VS160 is a multi-LUN device in which both the drive (VS160) and the medium changer (124T) share the same target and SCSI ID.
The devices are differentiated by having different LUN IDs, LUN 0 and LUN1, respectively.

Though the LSI2032 properly discovers both the drive and medium changer during the controller's BIOS device discovery scan,
the medium changer is not discovered by Windows 2003 if LSI2032 controller driver version (Storport) is installed.

The following are the links for the LSI20320 U320 driver:

  1. Windows® 2003 32-bit

  2. Windows® 2003 64-bit

This issue is attributed to a Windows STORPORT driver device inquiry problem with some legacy multi-LUN targets.
This issue affects the ability to use the PowerVault 124T VS160 with the Windows 2003 Removable Storage Manager and NTBackup.

Furthermore, this issue can affect other backup applications that require a medium changer listing within Windows Device Manager.

A similar issue exist under Microsoft® Windows® 2008, in which the medium changer is not listed within the Device Manager.

However, under Microsoft® Windows® 2008 most backup applications can discover and use the PowerVault 124T VS160 medium changer and drive.


Uninstall the LSI2032 U320 SCSI
Add-In Controller Storport Driver

The following workaround may be performed.

Uninstall the LSI2032 U320 SCSI add-in controller Storport driver,
and apply the Windows 2003 in-box
LSI2032 SCSIport driver.

This can usually be accomplished by performing a driver roll back or uninstalling the Storport driver
and scanning for new devices within Device Manager.

Alternatively, the driver can be changed by right-clicking the LSI controller entry under the SCSI and RAID controllers
within Device Manager and selecting
Update Driver:
  1. Select the No, not this time radio button.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Select the Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) radio button.

  4. Click Next. Select the Don't search. I will choose the driver to install radio button.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Confirm the Show compatible hardware box is checked.

  7. Under Model, select LSI Logic PCI-X Ultra 320 SCSI Host Adapter.

  8. Click Next.


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