Creating a VPN Connection Manager Installer in Windows Small Business Server 2008

Creating a VPN Connection Manager Installer in Windows Small Business Server 2008

Article Summary: This article provides information on creating a Connection Manager installation applet for simplifying the creation of a VPN connection on Windows Small Business Server 2008 client machines.

The VPN Connection Manager Installer previously available in Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003) is no longer available under Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008).

In Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003), a Connection Manager Install applet was available for download to end users from Remote Web Workspace (RWW). This applet created an icon on the end users’ desktops that would connect their system to the Small Business Server 2003 domain via VPN. See below for the download link from SBS 2003:

RWW in SBS 2003

This automatic feature in SBS 2003 is no longer available by default in SBS 2008. It is still possible to create a Connection Manager installer, but there are a number of steps to follow, based on information found at

To create a Connection Manager installer for SBS 2008, the Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) feature must be added to the SBS 2008 server manually. To do this, go to Server Manager and click to add the CMAK feature by placing a check mark next to it, then press ‘Next’ and complete the CMAK install:

Installing the Connection Manager Admin Kit

Next, it is necessary to create and configure a Connection Manager Installer using the CMAK.

To start the kit, go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Connection Manager Administration Kit. Click Next until you need to select the target OS. Select the appropriate OS and click Next.

To create a new profile, select New profile and provide the name and filename (8 characters max):

Provide the domain name and include the backslash separator character (‘\’). For example, “mysmallbiz\” (without the quotes):

Do not select any profiles to merge. Click Next:

Embed the VPN Connection name into the file and then accept the VPN entry. For example, in this scenario with as the registered external DNS domain name, we could use NOTE: The name should be the same domain name found on the SSL certificate.

Uncheck ‘Automatically download phone book updates’ and leave the fields blank:

Accept the default entries for the next four screens (‘Configure Dial-up Networking’, ‘Routing table update’, ‘Procy settings', and ‘Custom Actions’ screens):

Accept the default graphics or add custom graphics on the next three screens (‘Custom Logon Bitmap’, ‘Custom Phone Book’, and ‘Custom Icon screens’):

Accept the default information on the ‘Custom Help File’, ‘Custom Support Information’, ‘Custom License Agreement’, and ‘Additional Files’ screens, or add custom information as appropriate:

Click ‘Next’ on the ‘Build the Connection Manager Profile’ screen to build the Connection Manager Installer executable:

Now the executable Connection Manager Installer is created for use. Make it available to users by placing it where users may access it from RWW, for example Companyweb.

For remote access to VPN and RWW, customers must have external DNS pointing to their external facing IP address. They also need to have the following ports forwarded through the router to the SBS Server: 25 (email), 80 (Web), 443 (SSL), 987 (Secure Companyweb), 1723 (PPTP VPN) and 3389 (Remote Desktop).


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