Dell Latitude E7250 Keyboard Guide

Dell Latitude E7250 Keyboard Guide

This guide describes the keyboard shortcuts available and the functions they perform on the Dell Latitude E7250

Keyboard Shortcut Key Functions

The below table is a list of combination short-cut key functions using the E7250 keyboard.

E7250 Keyboard

Note: By Toggling Fn + Esc, "Function Lock" On, you will not need to use the Fn key to activate the Function actions including Home and End keys

Note: There is no Pause/Break key on this keyboard, you can use Fn + B to get the "Break" key functionality.

Fn + Esc Function Key Lock On/Off, allows keys to be used without using the Fn key
F1 Mute/Unmute Audio
F2 Audio Volume Decrease
F3 Audio Volume Increase
F4 Microphone On/Off
F5 Toggle NumLock On/Off (For embedded numeric keys, activated in BIOS)
F6 Enable or Disable Scroll Lock.
F8 Toggle between different multiple display modes.
F10 Keyboard Backlight On/Off
F11 Decrease Screen Brightness
F12 Increase Screen Brightness
PrtScr Enable/Disable Wireless
Insert Enter sleep / hibernation mode
Left Arrow Acts as Home key
Right Arrow Acts as End key

Keyboard Types by Region.

(This should not affect the Function Table above)

  • 82 (United States and Canada)
  • 83 (Europe)
  • 84 (Brazil)
  • 86 (Japan)

Note: If you experience problems with your keyboard, please follow the troubleshooting link below:

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