001-360 Restart Printer Error on Dell™ 2130cn Laser Printer

001-360 Restart Printer Error on Dell™ 2130cn Laser Printer

Article Summary: This article provides information on "001-360 Restart Printer Error on Dell™ 2130cn Laser Printer".

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  1. 001-360 Restart Printer Error on Dell™ 2130cn Laser Printer

Issue 1.

001-360 Restart Printer Error on Dell™ 2130cn Laser Printer

This error relates to an issue with the Printers system Fan. Please carry out the following diagnostics to determine if the Fan is spinning and functioning correctly.

1. Turn the printer off.

2. Wait 10 seconds.

3. Turn the printer on.

4. Determine if the issue still occurs.

5. If the issue recurs, please Run Diagnostics on the Fan Motor:

-> Using the Operator Panel on the printer:

-> Hold down the up and down arrow buttons on the printer and power the printer on.

-> Release your fingers from the keys when the message Diagnosing... appears.

-> When Customer Mode and IOT Diag are displayed, press the select button to choose DIOT Diag.

-> Press down arrow to scroll to Digital Output, then press the select button.

-> Press the up or down arrow button to scroll to DO-1e, then press the select button. (The display changes from DO-1e READY to DO-1e EXEC and a motor noise is heard with no banging or grinding.)

-> Place your hand behind the printer over the vents and make sure that the fan is blowing

fan 1

-> Press the Cancel button to stop the diagnostic.

-> When the display changes to DO-1e READY, turn the printer off then back on to leave the diagnostic menu and return to normal printer functions.

Once you have determined whether the fan is spinning, please call Dell Technical Support to advise on result (if error has recurred).


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