Erratic Cursor Movement on the Latitude XT3

Erratic Cursor Movement on the Latitude XT3

Article Summary: This article provides information on Erratic Cursor Movement on the Latitude XT3

Table of Contents:
  1. Erratic Cursor Movement on the Latitude XT3
  2. How to set correct refresh rate (Windows 7)


Erratic Cursor Movement on the Latitude XT3

Users may report erratic cursor movement on Latitude XT3 system when the screen refresh rate is set to 40Hz. This issue only occurs on XT3 systems configured with the daylight viewable panel option, where 40Hz is the default.

Manually changing the refresh rate to default 60Hz is required to resolve this issue, however, if the Dell Feature Enhancement package or Dell System Manager is installed, refresh rate may revert back to 40Hz as soon as the system is operated on battery power only

To alter these settings, see Section 2 below

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How to set correct refresh rate (Windows 7)

Ensure system is operation on AC power when performing these steps

  1. Right click on desktop and select “Screen resolution” and then select “Advanced settings”.

  2. Select "Monitor" tab and set “Screen refresh rate” to 60Hz, then click “Apply” and close window

  3. Open Control Panel/Power options, and next to “Extended Battery Life (Max run time)” select “Change plan settings”.

  4. On the next window select “Change advanced power settings”.

  5. Under Advanced settings, expand “Dell Enhanced Settings”, then expand “Screen Refresh Rate” and change “On battery” option to “OS controlled” and click "Apply".

  6. This will prevent refresh rate from rolling back to 40Hz when XT3 is switched from AC power to battery power

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