How to Install a 550 Sheet Drawer in the 3333 / 3335dn Dell Laser Printer

How to Install a 550 Sheet Drawer in the 3333 / 3335dn Dell Laser Printer

Table of Contents:

  1. Installing a 550‑Sheet Drawer
  2. Attaching Cables
  3. Verifying Printer Setup

This article provides information on "How to Install a 550 Sheet Drawer in the 3333 / 3335dn Dell Laser Printer"

1. Installing a 550‑Sheet Drawer

Caution - SHOCK HAZARD: If you are accessing the system board or installing optional hardware or memory devices sometime after setting up the printer, then turn the printer off, and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet before continuing. If you have any other devices attached to the printer, then turn them off as well, and unplug any cables going into the printer.
  1. Unpack the drawer, and then remove any packing material from the outside of the drawer.
  2. Remove the tray from the support unit.
    • 1 - Support Unit
    • 2 - Tray
  3. Remove any packing material and tape from inside the tray.
  4. Insert the tray into the support unit.
  5. Place the drawer in the location chosen for the printer.
  6. Align the printer with the drawer, and then lower the printer into place.

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2. Attaching Cables

Caution - POTENTIAL INJURY: Do not use the fax feature during a lightning storm. Do not set up this product or make any electrical or cabling connections, such as the fax feature, power cord, or telephone, during a lightning storm.

Connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable or Ethernet cable.

Be sure to match the following:

  • The USB symbol on the cable with the USB symbol on the printer.
  • The appropriate Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port.
    • 1 - USB port
      WARNING - Potential Damage: Do not touch the USB cable, any network adapter, or the printer in the area shown while actively printing. A loss of data or a malfunction can occur.
    • 2 - Ethernet port

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3. Verifying Printer Setup

  • Print a menu settings page to verify that all printer options are installed correctly. A list of installed options appears toward the bottom of the page. If an option you installed is not listed, then it is not installed correctly. Remove the option and install it again.
  • Print a network setup page to verify that your printer is correctly connected to the network. This page also provides important information that aids network printing configuration.
Printer support
More information can be found in the User Guide for your model printer, or visit our Printer Support site for additional information, troubleshooting articles and videos.

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