Dell XPS 10 May Take a Long Time to Charge

Dell XPS 10 May Take a Long Time to Charge

Article Summary: This article addresses an issue where the XPS 10 keyboard dock takes a very long time to charge.

Owners of the Dell XPS 10 tablet may notice that the battery in the keyboard dock may take a long time to charge or appear to be not charging at all.

If the docking station battery is allowed to deplete to 0% charge - fully drained - it can take up to 6 hours just to trickle charge to 1% and another 4 - 6 hours to charge fully to 100% capacity.

Dell engineering is aware of this problem and is investigating a possible solution. Replacing the keyboard dock will not solve this problem. It is highly recommended not to fully deplete the docking station batteries. If the battery is fully depleted, allow it to charge overnight before attempting to use it without the AC adapter attached. 

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