How-To Dell Server : Support on Memory (DIMM)

How-To Dell Server : Support on Memory (DIMM)

This page contains memory tutorial and support guide for Dell Servers (PowerEdge).
It explains how to add memory (DIMM), or clear the count error log.

Information on Memory (DIMM)

What are the different types of DIMM? - SLN306395
This article provides information about different types of memory DIMMS for Dell PowerEdge servers.

How to configure the memory in the BIOS - SLN306397
This article provides information about the Memory Operating Modes of Dell PowerEdge servers.

How to Add a Memory stick - SLN292306
Please check this article to learn How to add memory to a PowerEdge server.
For buying new memory, see below in the Buy Memory section.

Memory Troubleshooting

What are the main memory error codes?
This article lists DIMM errors at POST (at startup) - SLN72211
This article lists DIMM errors in OMSA or in IDRAC - SLN292634

How to troubleshoot System Memory? - SLN306398
This article explains how to isolate a defective memory DIMM in a Dell PowerEdge server and identify possible performance bottlenecks.

How to clear the SBE DIMM Memory error?
The error message "SBE log is full" means the counter for Single Bit Errors of the system memory has exceeded.
To resolve this, (1.) update the Server BIOS to the latest version and (2.) clear the Server Event Log (SEL / ESM).

Buy Memory

How to buy additional Dell Memory (DIMM) for PowerEdge servers?
The Dell Memory Selector will show you what Dell certified memory is available to your system for upgrading and also let you purchase the DIMM's you need for upgrading.

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