Dell Wyse Windows XPe - Are Host-Based Printers Supported?

Dell Wyse Windows XPe - Are Host-Based Printers Supported?

Host Based printing is a printing system that relies entirely on the host computer to perform all the printer processing. The computer's CPU rasterizes the data, which creates the bitmaps of the printed pages. It also sends commands directly to the print heads. Many inexpensive inkjet and color LaserJet printers are host-based printers designed for the Windows Printing System.

An overlooked issue of this type of printer is the fact that neither PCAnywhere or "Remote Desktop" Connections are supported on a Host-Based printer

In other words, Host-Based Printers are not supported with thin clients. If the printer you wish to use has PCL or GDI drivers, select the PCL drivers. GDI drivers are Host-Based drivers and are not supported.

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