How to Replace the Hard Drive in a Dell System (Video guides)

How to Replace the Hard Drive in a Dell System (Video guides)

This article provides links to video guides on how to replace the hard drive in your computer.

Table of Contents:

  1. Safety precautions before working on your system
  2. Removal Videos
  3. Additional Information

1. Safety precautions before working on your system

Before working on your system make sure you familiarise yourself with the manual. Information about your system can be found at the manuals page. Go to to find out more.

When the Manuals page opens insert either your Service tag, or select your system manually. If another product is shown click View a different product.

For information on how to locate your computer's Service Tag, please refer to Dell Knowledge base article
What is a Service Tag and how do I locate it?

It is also advisable to consult this article Safety Precautions when Working with Electrical Equipment before working on and opening your system.

Note: Ensure you back up the data from the old hard drive before replacing it.

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2. Removal Videos (English Only)

Here is a list of selected Hard Drive Removal Videos

Removing a hard drive for:

System Specific Videos

Note: Not all systems have a video created for them, below is a selection of available systems. In some cases the instructions will be very similar for many system types.





Precision Workstation

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3. Additional Information

For more information about troubleshooting your Hard drive, please refer to this Knowledge Base article
Hard Drive Issues on Your Dell Computer

Technical Information about Hard drive capacities can be found in this article
Hard Drive Capacity is Different from the Advertised Size

Check the available options to purchase a new hard drive for your computer at

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If you require further assistance, please contact Technical Support

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