How-To Dell Server : Tutorial about Power Supply Units (PSU)

How-To Dell Server : Tutorial about Power Supply Units (PSU)

This page provides information about power supplies on Dell PowerEdge servers.
It explains the meaning of LEDs and how to replace. Other tutorials are also available on the page.
Note: The provided information are mainly about current PowerEdge server generations (12G and 13G). For older generations, check the specific user manuals on

What is the meaning of Power Supply Unit LEDs? SLN305795
Each power supply unit has a LED that indicate the power status, learn more about the color code.

How to troubleshoot Power Supply Unit? SLN305797
When facing a PSU failure, this article may be useful.

How to replace a Power Supply Unit? SLN305800
Replacing a PSU can be done in few minutes. PSU are hot plug components and can be manipulated when the server is powered on.

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