How to test the Input Sensor on the 2330d or 2330dn Dell Laser Printer

How to test the Input Sensor on the 2330d or 2330dn Dell Laser Printer

Testing the Input Sensor on the Dell 2330d or 2330dn Laser Printer

Follow the steps below to test the Input Sensor on the Dell 2330d or 2330dn Laser Printer:

  1. Switch the printer off.
  2. Press and hold the Left Arrow and Tick/Select keys on the operator panel.
  3. With the keys still held down switch the power back on.
  4. Keep holding the keys until the screen displays "Diag Menu".
  5. Press the Right Arrow until "Base Sensor test" is displayed, press Tick/Select.
  6. Select "Input".
  7. If the sensor is working correctly and no paper is stuck in the machine, the screen should display "Value opened".
  8. Open the front cover following the steps provided at the following Dell Knowledge Base Article: Replace the Imaging Drum on the 2330d or 2330dn Laser Printer.
  9. Locate the input sensor (Figure 1):

    Figure 1: Locating the input sensor on the Dell 2330d or 2330dn Laser Printer

  10. Push the input sensor down (Figure 2):

    Figure 2: Push down on the input sensor

  11. The message on screen should change to "Value closed".
  12. Release the input sensor. The sensor should spring back up and the screen should return to "Value opened".

If the sensor is damaged or does not operate correctly please contact technical support to have this resolved.

If the sensor does operate correctly please check the 2330d/dn Knowledge Base Resourse Library for other possible solutions to your issue.

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