Adaptador para servidor Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit X520-T2 de doble puerto


Diseñado para procesadores multinúcleo y optimizado para virtualización

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El adaptador para servidor Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit X520-T2 ofrece conectividad Gigabit multipuerto de alto rendimiento en plataformas multinúcleo y entornos virtualizados.

  • Proporciona rendimiento de red 10 GbE altamente accesible para aplicaciones de uso intensivo de banda ancha.
  • Ofrece conectividad Gigabit multipuerto de alto rendimiento en plataformas multinúcleo y entornos virtualizados.
  • Brinda la manera más fácil, confiable y rentable de conectar servidores a las SAN iSCSI.

Adaptador para servidor Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit X520-T2 de doble puerto

Flexibility and Scalability in Virtual and Unified Storage Environments

Intel Ethernet X520-T2 is the newest 10GBASE-T adapter to join the 10 Gigabit X520 series of server adapters designed for multicore processors and optimized for virtualization.
  • Provides bandwidth-intensive applications with highly affordable 10 GbE network performance, including cost-effective RJ-45 connections up to 100 meters
  • Delivers industry-leading I/O (input/output) virtualization capabilities with superior virtualization performance and virtual machine (VM) flexibility, plus broad virtual machine manager (VMM) support
  • Supports native OS iSCSI acceleration for optimal performance, and is the most cost-effective way to connect servers to iSCSI SANs

Intel Virtualization Technology for Connectivity on Dell™ PowerEdge™ Servers

Intel® Virtualization Technology for Connectivity (VT-c) is a suite of hardware assists that reduces I/O bottlenecks in a virtualized server, improving performance, flexibility and virtual machine scalability. Using emulation mode or direct access mode, it lowers the I/O overhead, which optimizes CPU usage, reduces system latency and improves I/O throughput.

Intel VT-c includes:
  • Virtual Machine Device Queues (VMDq) — In the emulation mode, VMDq optimizes network performance by offloading data sorting and copying from the software virtual switch in the VMM to the Intel® Ethernet 82599 10 Gigabit controller. This configuration is best suited for a large number of VMs running standard applications that have limited bandwidth and latency requirements.
  • Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) — In direct access mode, industry standards-based SR-IOV provides direct VM connectivity and data protection across the VM. It also provides flexibility and mobility by facilitating live VM migration. SR-IOV enables the data to bypass the software virtual switch, providing near-native performance. It assigns either physical or virtual I/O ports directly to individual VMs. This technology is best suited for high I/O throughput, low-latency applications, such as data base, storage, financial and others.

Designed for Intel Multicore Processor-Based Dell PowerEdge Servers

The Intel Ethernet 10 Gigabit X520-T2 server adapter provides high-performance, multiport gigabit connectivity in multicore platforms and virtualized environments.
  • In a multicore platform, Intel Ethernet X520-T2 supports such technologies as Intel® QuickData Technology, MSI-X and low-latency interrupts that help accelerate the data across the platform, thereby improving application response times.
  • The Intel Ethernet 82599 network controller uses queues and interrupt vectors to offload data and interrupt processing from the CPU, helping improve overall system performance.

Simplified iSCSI Connectivity for Dell PowerEdge Servers

The Intel Ethernet 10 Gigabit X520-T2 provides the easiest, most reliable and most cost-effective way to connect servers to iSCSI SANs.
  • Intel Ethernet X520-T2 server adapter uses native iSCSI initiators integrated in the OS to simplify iSCSI deployment and configuration without the need for proprietary software. Native initiators are integrated with standard OS configuration tools and partner-provided tools. They have existed for years, are trusted by customers, and have been tested with many generations of operating systems and hardware storage products.
  • Intel Ethernet server adapters include hardware-based iSCSI acceleration features that do not require offloading to a proprietary TCP/IP stack. iSCSI acceleration uses large send offload, Receive Side Coalescing and transmit send offloads to help reduce latency and lower CPU utilization. To improve efficiency, MSI-X, Receive-side Scaling and Intel® Ethernet Flow Director scale I/O processing across multiple CPU cores. Direct memory access (DMA), direct cache access (DCA) and header splitting improve network data processing efficiency, and data center bridging (DCB) supports multiple traffic classes that can be prioritized for iSCSI traffic.
  • Intel VT-c accelerates iSCSI traffic in VMware® ESX and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ R2 environments. Intel works closely with leading VMM vendors to ensure compatibility and outstanding performance with their iSCSI native initiators and was the first company to certify its Ethernet server adapters with the ESX initiator.

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