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vplex识别盘后,主机lun id变化后,各操作系统操作方法


                  在将原存储数据迁移到vplex下后,lun id会在操作系统下发生变化,如何才能让应用识别出正确的lun,请给予指点。谢谢各位神了。

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Re: vplex识别盘后,主机lun id变化后,各操作系统操作方法

我先把帖子移动至 存储系统 版块。

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Re: vplex识别盘后,主机lun id变化后,各操作系统操作方法

如果用GUI的话,在把virtual volume加到storage view给主机时,应该可以手动配置LUN ID的吧。

  •   To manually set the LUN number for virtual volumes you are adding, or to view the LUN numbers of the virtual volumes already in the storage view, select the Manually set LUNs for added Virtual Volumes check box. You can select this check box before or after selecting the virtual volumes to add.

如果LUN ID真的变了,那么主机是不是需要重新配置啊?

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Re: vplex识别盘后,主机lun id变化后,各操作系统操作方法


In regards to the "Manually set LUNs for added Virtual Volumes" option, our VPLEX is at v5.0.1 and if we try to use this option, the LUN # which is specified is passed to the background command as "undefined" so we can't use this option.  However, the error dialog box shows the actual VPLEXCLI command which is used and so we do it like this, from VPLEXCLI instead:

export storage-view addvirtualvolume --view /clusters/cluster-1/exports/storage-views/%storage view name% --virtual-volumes (%HLU#%,%virtual volume name%) --force


export storage-view addvirtualvolume --view /clusters/cluster-1/exports/storage-views/UCS_STJ_Production --virtual-volumes (5,device_VNX0038_LUN2002_1_vol) --force

We present both native VNX LUNs and VPLEX virtual volumes to the same ESXi clusters, so controlling the HLU (Host LUN ID #) is vital for us since we have room for error by accidentally presenting 2 of the same HLU to the hosts (nightmare! in VMware ESXi).

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