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请问论坛那位有SAM-QFS的经验。是原来Sun的技术,QFS就是Quick File System可与SAM(Storage Archive Manager)深度集成。

现有个客户运行SAM-QFS在HDS设备上,想迁移到EMC存储上来。不知有什么best practice?


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Re: 关于SAM-QFS的迁移问题

搜了一下support.emc.com,完全没文档啊,只有篇KB: "Does EMC support SUN QFS file systems?"

结论是:This file system is NOT supported and is NOT scheduled to be tested.

    QFS is Sun's cluster file system, meaning that the same file system may be simultaneously mounted by multiple hosts.

A Sun QFS shared file system is a distributed file system that can be mounted simultaneously on multiple Solaris OS host systems. In a Sun QFS shared file system environment, one Solaris OS host acts as the metadata server for the file system, and additional hosts can be configured as clients. You can configure more than one host as a potential metadata server, but only one host can be the metadata server at any one time. There is no limit to the number of Sun QFS shared file system mount points.

    The advantage of the Sun QFS shared file system is that file data passes directly from the Fibre Channel disks to the hosts. Data travels via local path I/O (also known as direct access I/O). This is in contrast to the network file system (NFS), which transfers data over the network.

    The shared file system can be implemented either as a Sun QFS shared file system or as a SAM-QFS shared file system.

    SAM and QFS are designed to work together, but each may be used separately.  Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM) software provides data classification, centralized meta-data management, policy based data placement, etc.

    When using SAM and QFS the user can set samfs parameters in /etc/system or also in the file called samfs.cmd   [ this file must be the same on all the systems that will be sharing the file system. ]

Some URLs that may better explain this topic: 






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Re: 关于SAM-QFS的迁移问题


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