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安裝avamar client後,出現名稱重複!


Dear all:

今天在一台沒有安裝過avamar client的主機上,要安裝avamar client,


但卻出現名稱重複,不過我去avamar administrator查詢,並未看到有相同名稱的client!!

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Re: 安裝avamar client後,出現名稱重複!


Hi Mobe,


You may receive the following error when attempting to register a client to the Avamar grid:

avagent Error <5320>: Received from MCS#115:* 115 * nodename cannot be registered because it already exists in another domain

avagent Error <6210>: Unable to register 'Internal\emcpc.emc.local' with MCS at evm.lab.emc.com:28001

EMC Products:

Avamar v6.0.xx
Avamar v6.1.xx
Avamar v7.0.xx

The client may already be registered on the Avamar grid but in a different Avamar domain (i.e.  '/clients versus the "/Internal" domain).  Discover the current location using either the Avamar console or the MCCLI commands on the Avamar utility node.


mccli client show --recursive | grep 'emcpc.emc.local'

Another client was previously registered to the Avamar grid with the same hostname or FQDN as the current machine.
This issue may occur if the client machine was physically rebuilt (perhaps due to operating system crash), but was not retired or deleted in the Avamar console.
Retire or delete the existing client registration by going into the Administration tab of the Avamar console.  Then register the client to new Avamar domain.

Alternatively, move the Avamar client from its existing domain to the desired domain by going into the Administration tab of the Avamar console.
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