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networker8.2 备份oracle 11g 不往备份介质里写备份数据,写本地目录

测试的备份脚本 run { allocate channel ch00 device type disk; send 'NSR_ENV=(NSR_SERVER=network8,NSR_DATA_VOLUME_POOL=Default,NSR_CLIENT=WIN-DNM24E9LHAN)'; backup incremental level 0 format 'FULL_%d_%U' (database include current controlfile); backup spfile; release channel ch00; } 备份数据库日志,如下: 恢复管理器完成。 RMAN returned success. WARNING: The savegrp summary could not be obtained.No save sets can be found in the NetWorker media database for this backup. WIN-DNM24E9LHAN: Oracle Backup: RMAN:\orcl_FULL level=full, -1 MB 11:11:11 -1 files --- Job Indications --- 无法在 NetWorker 介质数据库中为此备份找到存储集。 Unable to find any full backups of the save set 'WIN-DNM24E9LHAN:RMAN:\orcl_FULL' in the media database. Recommending that a full backup be performed. 手动备份文件到 Default 介质池中正常 C:\>save -b Default -c WIN-DNM24E9LHAN CW.eXe 3817:save: 使用192.168.20.82作为服务器 C:\CW.eXe C:\ / save: C:\CW.eXe 9239 KB 00:00:14 3 files 94694:save: 存储集“C:\CW.eXe”的备份成功。 7167:save: save完成时间:2019/5/8 14:47:06 94694:save: 存储集“C:\CW.eXe”的备份成功。
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